as is

Beach morning got rained out.  Thankfully I didn’t go into full sad mode only because one of my favorite people is flying to me today!  I am however planning a starbucks drive-thru run when Josiah wakes up- to slightly make up for not being able to sit on the beach this morning.

Gosh. It’s been over a week since I got smacked in the head by Josiah’s body…and still my nose hurts at the slightest touch.  Regan bumped into it yesterday morning and I thought I might lose my breakfast.

Tuesday was classified as a really good day.  Bart got to come with us to the beach for the morning.  Then I went to Target during naptime.  And we spent the evening walking on the boardwalk.  The walk was the most memorable.  It started out cloudy and somewhat cool…we let the boys out of the stroller for awhile so they could run along the boards and squeal with delight.  And then the thunder and lightning showed up.  We picked up our pace but didn’t start running until a couple rain drops turned into an instant downpour within ten seconds.  It was awesome.  Bart took off with the stroller so fast I could barely see him and while I tried sprinting it soon became apparent that it was impossible in flip-flops.  So I stopped, took them off and walked the rest of the way.  It. Was.  Awesome.  My drama king husband thought the world was ending since we literally looked like we’d jumped in the ocean…but all ended perfectly.  And Jos will never forget what thunder is now.

So- I think it’s kinda weird to admit…but I’m tiring of Pinterest.  I didn’t think it was possible but it’s time for a break.  I also am sick of most of the blogs in my reader…what is happening to me? Ha!  Perhaps it’s what summer is supposed to be- unplugged.  Now if only I could get rid of my love of candy crush.  I am proud of one thing tho- when Josiah watches me play (no comment) he names the “candies” as fruits and veggies instead.  It cracks me up but also makes me happy that I (a self-proclaimed candy lover) haven’t taught my 3 year-old enough about candy that he would be able to identify it.  Phew.

And now I need another cup of coffee since it’s almost 10am and Josiah is still sleeping…starbucks will have to wait a little longer.



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