i bought ear plugs

Dude. Tonite when we were eating pizza, out of nowhere, Josiah rocked the  “Pizza Angel” song…it’s from veggie tales and I died laughing.  He knows when he’s really knocked it out of the park funny-wise.  So cute.

I have stopped spending any $ on Candy Crush and it. is. hard.  I’m really tempted to pay the .99 at the very end for a couple extra moves when I’m so close to winning.  I think this may end my love affair with this most amazing game.

I finally have a night in a hotel booked…I am spending an entire twenty-four hours alone this week.  I’m not going very far, but the point is; I’ll be all by myself.  My husband thinks I’m weird and is trying not to take it personally because it’s not about him.  It’s about me.  I. cannot. wait.  Literally it makes me beam with excitement at the possibilities.  It’s like a real live vacation- no responsibilities, distractions, decisions…

Only 5 weeks until our big trip west.  I call them trips, not vacations- because a vacation would be more like what I talked about above… and this, is a trip.  But I get to return to one of my favorite places in the United States- Cannon Beach, Oregon.  All of us kiddos are making the trek for my parents 40th anniversary and I finally get to show off CB to Bart who has never been.

I am currently watering all my indoor plants in the sink.  Bart hates when I do this but I’m always so proud that I remembered to water them, that his frustration doesn’t phase me.

Our home is finally guest-free after ten straight days of company.  It was great to host but it’s also great to walk around in my bathrobe. Heh Heh.

This last week I helped out at our church’s VBS every night from 6-8pm.  I am so glad I did because it was super fun but I also forgot how much it takes out of a person.  Exhaustion…pure exhaustion is what I feel.  I could have taken a nap every day last week and probably all weekend without catching up.  Gosh.

I bought ear plugs.  Regan has started a horrible habit of waking up in the middle of the night and moaning/crying/shrieking.  I realize that the only way he’ll stop is if I stop visiting him every time…but then I just lay awake in pain over the sounds of his voice.  Errrr.  And I’m just talking about the pain ie: sadness of his crying, I’m also referring to the annoyance lest you think I’m a saint.  So, I bought ear plugs.

We bought Josiah a big boy bed.  But now we have to put it together.  Alas.  Things always take much longer in this house when there is assembly required.  I want him acclimated to a bed before we go to Cannon Beach since he gets to sleep in a real bed there… so honey, we have a 5 week deadline.

It was 100 degrees here often last week.  I only went to the beach once because I was so tired from vbs, but I also think the heat made me stay home.  Darn the heat.  And the rain.  How about 80 degrees and sunny with a few clouds for the rest of the summer?


One response to “i bought ear plugs

  1. Please please please can I come say hi while you’re in CB? Even just for a quick second?! I’ll buy you coffee!

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