try again

We are matched again!!!

It feels oddly familiar yet foreign as we gear up to welcome another baby into our home.  The reality of having gone thru our worst fear in adoption is oddly comforting this time around.  We made it out on the other side and we are okay.  It is a testament to the healing touch of God that we are saying yes to another match three months after having our hearts torn apart…and I am so grateful to the Comforter.

It’s a girl!!!  And I am so happy that it’s a girl, but honestly I think I would have been just as psyched about a boy after what we went through.  Thinking about holding a newborn again…cuddling and feeding and all the staring…I cannot wait!!!  And this time it will be a winter baby- never had one of those.  I can’t wait to bundle her up in all sorts of fuzzy layers.

What has been interesting this time around is people’s reactions to our news.  Every time before it was pure excitement…but this time, there is a guardedness that I expected but yet it still makes me sad.  I mean, I guard my heart so much in this time- but I didn’t prepare myself for others to do the same.  I understand it, of course, but that doesn’t mean I like it.  It makes sense for people to also feel us out, as we share our news…and honestly, some days I’m thrilled while other days I am nervous and want to ignore it all.

So, with all that being said…we are soooo grateful for another chance at this wild ride!!  We are super happy to be staring at the upcoming arrival of a precious baby girl this winter.  Thank you so much for your prayers!!!


4 responses to “try again

  1. I love you :)…its awesome you blog lol and reading this gets me super excited for you guys! God will continually bless you both and your family in abundance, keep seeking, keep knocking and He will continually sort all parts out. You both have sucha ministry and testimony and We can’t wait to see the next step where God takes you. Love you 🙂

  2. The Slagg family 5’s hearts are shouting with joy! Love you Farrell Fam! What a blessed little winter baby she will be 🙂

  3. I agree with Erin… a blessed winter baby indeed getting to join the Farrells. Very, very happy hearing your news!

  4. I’m so happy for you guys! Especially to even out all the boys in your house with a little sweet pea girl. I want to see SO many pictures when the littlest Farrell arrives ❤

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