i just like fall okay?

So, I had big plans for my next post to be either my fully edited pictures of the beautiful Oregon coast or beautiful pictures of my fall decor that is supposed to be adorning every corner of my house.  But then I got sick.  And now my kiddos are sounding sick.  Last nite I was up half the night with Regan and found myself on his floor with a plethora of snacks watching him devour food like he’s never fed- nothing like a 4am picnic with my baby.  Alas.

Thankfully both boys slept in until  11:30am so I did too (almost!).  Not sure why I picked now to write a blog, especially since after every other sentence I am staring blankly out the window.  Literally just did it again.  I am half way through my first cup of coffee and am contemplating the need for a pumpkin spice white mocha from the starbucks drivethru…I had my first one of the season this week and it was fabulous!!  I have actually never had that combo before but I’ve always felt like the pumpkin spice lattes taste a little like weird perfume so I decided to order 1/4 PS and 3/4 white mocha.  It sent me into fall dream land this week and I actually managed to unload all my fall decor boxes onto my table and start three DIY projects…key word is start.

It’s funny, I got a lot of throwback on the interwebs (never used that word before) about inviting fall into my house so soon.  It did make me think about why the heck I was starting out this early.  My conclusions are that I am hosting a fall-themed baby sprinkle in my home in two weeks and knew I’d need ample time to decorate because I’ve never been in this house during this time of year.  Also, last year we were moving to New Jersey in October, so while I hurriedly added some autumn flavor to our home last minute for house showings, I never really got to enjoy it.  Plus I didn’t get to create any new stuff last year, and I love getting craft inspired by season changes.

However, I find it funny that people think I will quit enjoying “summer”.  I will still frequent the beach just as often this month- perhaps more because of the lack of crowds and the plethora of available parking spots.  And it’s not like I’m going to start wearing sweaters and Uggs yet.  Geez.

I do kinda wish there was fall music to play.


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