read it.

These kind of posts are easy and quick, just what I can handle right now. Without further ado- what I’ve been reading lately:

I am in the middle of Five Days At Memorial which is a true account of the Hurricane Katrina disaster inside of Memorial Hospital.  It’s intense but so interesting…a very long book but I’m captivated.  **and I am adding this note a few weeks later- I cannot get through this book. HA! Perhaps I’ll try again later.

I read The Lost Wife  in one day.  Yes, I was sick so it happened to be when I had no distractions too thanks for a lovely husband.  But it’s a story from the Holocaust; heart-wrenching but intricately woven together.  Loved it.

The Best of Me was pretty good.  I am a sort-of fan of Nicholas Sparks because I know his stories will always keep me interested enough to finish a book usually but often won’t leave me thinking it was the best thing I’ve ever read.  So- this was good but not amazing.

On the spiritual end of the spectrum, I have loved Henri Nouwen’s literature for awhile and when I saw that he’d written about mourning, I ordered the book- Turn My Mourning into Dancing.  I’m only one chapter in and it has already been  life changing.  I am still working through some grief surrounding our failed adoption this spring and I bawled for a long time while reading just one chapter.  God is definitely using it to continue the healing process of my heart- and I’m so thankful.

Paper to Petal is not a book to read…while that sounds weird.  It’s a gorgeous ‘coffee table/decorative’ book I guess you could say.  It also shows how paper flowers are made in millions of different ways.  Mostly I love it because it is seriously  beautiful.  My other favorite “pretty” flower book is called The Flower Recipe book and it shows how to make all kinds of amazing bouquets.


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