the fort.

So, it was a quiet Saturday…one where Bart was gone the entire day- which rarely happens.  I knew we needed to do something big to push the day along a bit faster but I didn’t feel like leaving the house.

Hence, the fort creation.  For awhile now I’ve been toying with the idea of buying the boys a teepee for Christmas…they are so cool looking- and I knew they’d love a fun space like that.  But the ones I liked were of course, over $100 and the DIY versions didn’t look that simple…which is probably why I kinda gave up on the idea.

Truth be told, I haven’t made many forts for the boys.  I know- gasp- it’s a travesty.  I always envisioned millions of blankets piled upon one another with chairs and furniture all over the living room, in efforts to create the coolest fort ever.  Now, I’ll admit, my boys are only 2 and 3 so this might still happen.  But I decided for now, I’d work with what I’ve got.

My goal was to create a fort that could easily be “removed” in some way, but easily reassembled as well.  Since the playroom area is pretty random anyway and the fireplace is covered in pink tile, I didn’t feel bad covering it up.  I grabbed a canvas drop cloth I had bought last year for some other diy gone wrong, and found some tiny nails…yes…I used nails to build this fort.  I literally nailed the drop cloth into the mantle.  The grand part of this plan is that it takes only two chairs and two chip clips (it’s all I had) to assemble.  The cloth will stay nailed into the mantle and just hang down when the fort is not in action- and it actually nicely covers the uber tacky fireplace- and pillows will pile up like they’ve always done around the floor for a nice reading nook.

So, when we want the fort- we grab two chairs and the chip clips, pull it out and throw the pillows inside.  And I couldn’t resist duct taping some little lights inside for the evening time…and I’ll probably get all over-the-top and sew some fabric pictures or something inside too.  And hopefully my sister will remember my hint on pinterest about the felt fire pit the boys really want  her to make them for Christmas- along with their little forest friends… hehe.  Ok, waaay off course.  But I’m really liking the fort…even just for myself.  It’s peaceful and quiet and soft with great lighting.  And yes, the boys are psyched on it too!

I’m guessing the only time it will be disassembled will be when we entertain.  I don’t have a picture of it “put away” yet, but here’s some pictures of it in action.

what it looks like from the outside

what it looks like from the outside


the view from inside...

the view from inside…


One response to “the fort.

  1. What a fantastic fort. Way to go Mama! I love the lights.

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