a date without food

  • Please ignore the weird squares next to only some of the date ideas… formatting from facebook is a bear.  Anyway…I thought this was very entertaining and had to share for those of you NOT on facebook anymore.  A few weeks back I realized in a panic that the next night was our date but since I was on a cleanse we couldn’t eat on our date. It’s kind of our go-to…
    So, I did the normal thing and asked facebook for date ideas that didn’t include food.  Then I proceeded to crack up hysterically as the ideas rolled in.  Now, please I mean no offense- the ideas were great- but I jest because most of them were things Bart and I NEVER do…and not because we don’t have time…more because we don’t like to do them.  I guess I never realized how selective we are in our outings- but I’m okay with that.  
    The best one offered was “make out” by my old boss/pastor/friend- who also happened to do our pre-marital counseling ha!  The only other option I considered was a movie.  
    Then I started to re-evaluate and wonder if we are okay…even though we’d rather never see a mini golf course or bowling alley for the rest of our lives.  And I concluded- yes, we’re just fine.  I also realized that on our dates; now that we have children- we LOVE to sit at a restaurant with no interruptions and just talk the night away.  I love talking to my husband…about anything and everything…oddly it’s rarely about the kiddos…its just about our lives…how we think and feel…our dreams…and everything in between.  We both love to talk.  So it works out.  And we both love to eat too. Imagine that.
    Okay. I’m going to stop this random assembliage (i know it’s not a word mom- ha!) of words.  Below is the lovely list from facebook…
  • Wine tasting, movies, mini golf/driving range, comedy club, bowling, walk on the beach and sunset, riverbell sunset cruise in point/Brielle
  • Dinner out but just don’t tell anyone so then it doesn’t count!!
    -Night golf.
  • movie!!!we went to about 1000 movies before we had kids. Since? like 4.
  • Roller skating
  • Evangelize! You learn so much about yourself and your “partner”
  •  beach
  •  putt-putt
  • Cook together!!
  • stare-off. easy with no kid distraction. winner gets a massage.
  • Make out.
  • Iplay America in Freehold….old school rides and arcade games
  • Bowling
  • 1 hula hoop contest 2 write down the first memory you have of each other 3camp in the backyard 4 grown up sized fort 5 bob for apples (we know how much you love fall) 6 go illegal hot tub hopping 7 ding dong ditch your neighborhood 8 jump in the ocean (it’s still warm) 9 play charades 10 go through the dictionary and pick out words that tell about each other
  •   go for a jog together…it’s so romantic to be hot and sweaty        together”)hahaha.
  • I can’t think of anything. I just love food
    -Not an easy task! Hmmmmmmmmmm
  • pottery barn. Paint a picture (on your own or at one of those one-night classes.)
    Coffee isn’t exactly a food.

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