happy birthday bartykiss

It is definitely a tricky day of celebration in our household…this 28th day of October.  You see, we got married on Bart’s birthday and thus we are forever trying to decide when to celebrate what.  I suppose it will always be like that.  We’ve worked a few things out- like we don’t celebrate them on the same day…and instead of getting each other gifts for our anniversary we buy something for our home.  And we always do a big dinner for our anniversary…but sometimes Bart’s birthday is overshadowed.  So…I wanted to celebrate him a little here- if you don’t mind.

Couldn't resist this picture...even tho bart is the most photogenic man alive- this is actually how he feels when getting pictures taken.  The look says it all.

Couldn’t resist this picture…even tho bart is the most photogenic man alive- this is actually how he feels when getting pictures taken. The look says it all.

Bart is a humble man.  He loves when people love him, but he definitely doesn’t go after the attention.  He’s a magnet for others though, and I love that about him.  People know that he wants to get to know you- not superficially- but for reals.  His heart is huge…he cares for others in a way that I continually learn from.

Bart is real.  He always searches for ways to grow- spiritually, physically, mentally.  I love the way he isn’t content with status quo or normal- he wants to go after the most that God has for him and he loves to champion others in that direction too.

Bart is hilarious.  He knows funny.  I have never met another person that makes me laugh more than him.  And even better than that- he knows when to use humor and when to keep it under wraps.  His humor is never fake, never coarse, never aimed at someone sarcastically… it’s just plain awesome laugh inducing hilarity.

Bart is kind.  God knew I needed a kind husband…I know that may sound weird but it’s true.  He is gentle in his leading of our family and it’s perfect.  He is kind to his sons- showing amazing amounts of patience as he fathers them.  He is sensitive to my needs and theirs.  He thinks of others above himself so often it makes me stare in awe sometimes.

Bart is handsome.  I knew when I married this man that he was amazingly good looking.  But it seems as though he just gets better and better.  I didn’t know that was possible. I’ll stop with this now since I know it’ll make him blush.  ha!

I could keep going for awhile…but I need to save some material for his birthday card and the anniversary card.  I LOVE this man SO much and am DAILY grateful for his love in my life.  Happy birthday my dearest!


4 responses to “happy birthday bartykiss

  1. Teary eyed :). Thanks for always making me feel so loved. I love u babito!

  2. How many years have you guys been married today?

  3. Love this! i agree 100%!
    you got an amazing guy!

  4. deedee beckstrom

    CUTE family pic!

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