Thankful 2x

Today I am thankful for my home.  I’ve lived so many places but one thing I am grateful for above all, is that they have each felt like a home.  There is definitely something beautiful and familiar about returning to my parents house- my childhood home.  I know I belong there even though the only traces of me left are in the form of neon puff paint on the door frame of my dad’s office.  It will always be special, that beautiful home on fifth street.

But this morning as I sit at this cute built in desk overlooking my vast backyard filled with fall foliage I am grateful.  It’s warm and bright…my kids have space to run and dance…nothing is broken…it’s cozy and comfortable.  And while it’s temporary, as rentals usually are, it doesn’t feel like it.  It feels like where we belong for now.

I love how God provides exactly what we need, even when we don’t realize it’s what we need.  He knows us so well.  I’m thankful for this roof over our heads, but not just any roof… this one.  It is just what we need right now.


One response to “Thankful 2x

  1. I am thankful for a beautiful, creative and loving wife that truly knows how to turn any space from a house to home. Thanks for all your hard work and care that it takes to do that time and time again.

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