Thankful 6x

I am thankful for pain.

It’s taken me awhile to say that and mean it this year.  I have always known that pain can be good in the long run…but knowing and believing are two very different things.  I haven’t dealt with a whole lot of pain in my life thus far so I’m not expert, but I will admit that even though it hurts, I’m grateful.

“Our glory is hidden in our pain, if we allow God to bring the gift of Himself in our experience of it. If we turn to God, not rebelling against our hurt, we let God transform it into greater good. We let others join us and discover it with us.”   Henri Nouwen

I haven’t shared much of my journey in the last 6 months, and not sure when the time will be right to do so.  But one book that I read Turn My Mourning into Dancing definitely rocked my world.  I haven’t even finished it, because I kept breaking down each paragraph that I read.  But the most significant lesson I learned so far is the freedom that comes in thanking God for the pain.

I do not believe that God gave me the pain, but I do believe He allowed it.  He loves me and knows me intimately- better than anyone else, even myself I’m guessing.  He knows how to draw me to Himself.  Through the pain of this year, I met the Comforter.  I’d never known Jesus quite like that before.  I’d never felt that peace that passes all understanding, even though I’d prayed it for others a million times.

And so I am thankful for pain.  It’s not eternal and for that I am so glad.


2 responses to “Thankful 6x

  1. It’s not eternal, but the result of you choosing Him is Rom 5:3-5. Love u and proud of you.

  2. “… letting God transform it into greater good…” Man, so true- but what a hard journey. Thankful for your continued pursuit. Love you!

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