thankful to be home.

It may be 5am and I cannot get back to sleep after a feeding but I am thankful.  We are home.  It is a thanksgiving miracle.  There was a definitely a huge possibility we would have spent the holiday in a hotel…but Tuesday evening we got cleared!  Thankfully on Monday we found out Florida had cleared us, so we dumped all our stuff in our van and drove away.  I am not sure if either of us thought we’d make it all the way to Philadelphia since we left at 2 in the afternoon but we did it!  Pulled into yet another hotel at 3:30am in Philly…which is about an hour from home.  We wanted to get as close to Nj as we could, but because of adoption laws it wasn’t legal for us to go home yet.

It was like the best present EVER on Tuesday evening to get the call that we could go home!  What a blessing to have a whole day extra too- so that now, on Thanksgiving day our laundry is almost done, the pumpkin cheesecake is made, visitors of have visited and today we can relax and eat a beautiful meal with our dear friend Jilly in the comfort of our own home, our own pjs…maybe that’s why I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I’m excited.  I am so thankful…to be home, to have this sweet baby girl…Thank you Jesus.


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