birthday week randomania

I am counting down the days until my birthday…but actually more exciting than that is the present my husband is giving me- a full night of sleep AND a sleep-in.  Glorious.  It will make Saturday a delightfully wonderful dreamy day…simply because I get to sleep the whole night before.

I am also counting down the days until my parents arrive…and then my sister.  Until then Christmas music and the tree lights are holding me over- the cozy factor of my home is exponentially greater in December.

Every evening I have big plans for wrapping presents but laying down always wins out.  I was reading a magazine of gift ideas the other day and someone’s entry was giving their best friend the gift of “wrapping all her presents” for her…that’s magic.  I am in search of that friend.  For now I can rest in the fact that my mom doesn’t mind wrapping, so if I have any left to do she’ll be on it thankfully.

This morning was our first post placement social worker visit.  It went fine but made me miss our favorite social worker.  Move to  New Jersey pretty please Nikki.

We totally bought the baby bottle keurig.  And it is life changing.  Talk about being in love with an appliance.  Um…bottle feeders unite.  It’s worth every penny.

For the second year in a row, I am getting wings to eat for my birthday.  I kinda want to make it a tradition but I hate being locked into anything.  I know, so weird.

I also am longing for a big jet tub in our next home.  Today all I wanted to do was light candles and sit in hot steamy bubbles with a real book.  I settled for a shower and the real book.

We are being blessed with meals from our church this entire week…it’s seriously amazing!  Delicious homemade food, delivered to our door every night- couldn’t ask for more.

Maya and I get to go to a sprinkle for us on Sunday.  I can’t wait.  I am envisioning baby girl clothing galore.  I have halted my clothing purchases until after this party…plus she’s still in newborn clothes and I don’t know how much longer that will be.  She has gained a whole pound and 2 inches since birth- three weeks of growing but still so tiny.

I love the smell of my Christmas tree.  And I love feeling the anticipation of Christmas.  I love reading Luke 2 every single day during this advent time.

Still need to take a Christmas card picture.  I have a fabulous idea…but not sure it will work out…plus I definitely need to get on it so our card won’t go out after the holidays.  Lame.

I bought our mailman an amazon gift card in honor of all the amazon boxes he delivers to our house.  I hope he sees the humor or at least shops online.

I hung Christmas lights in the guest/Maya’s room so when I do feedings at night I don’t have to turn on any lamps…I just snuggle her by the light of an old string of colored lights and watch her drink hungrily while still pretty much asleep.  Have I mentioned I love this Christmas newborn thing?

I can’t stop buying presents for my sister.  I think it’s my goal that she’ll be opening as many presents as all of us adults combined on Christmas morning.  She’s just that awesome.

Peppermint white mochas from Starbucks make my days happy.

Ready for a nap…it’s 4pm.  I already had a nap at noon.




2 responses to “birthday week randomania

  1. You are hilarious. Not only was this an awesomely Christmas-themed random list that I love, but yeah… bring on the gifts!! 😉 And I thought I was doing good for you…. not even close! haha
    Love you, CANNOT WAIT TO BE THERE!! 17 more days!!!
    Happy almost BIRTHDAY!!

  2. I love that “baby girl” is now a topic header on your blog… LOVE! Thankfulness fills this heart.

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