starbucks_casi_cieloToday was a milestone day.

Today I threw all three kids into a pre-heated (only when it’s 12 degrees out) van and visited my most beloved drive-thru.  Yes.  This post is about a milestone I accomplished…and while it may sound trivial to you, it was monumental for me.  Besides the freezing temperatures and the fact that I’ve been Bart-less for three days, timing is everything.  I have to pick a moment that I am pretty sure Maya won’t need a bottle and find a good window before the boy’s nap time, not to mention the task of suiting them up in stuff warm enough for my neighbors to relax when I let the entourage out the door.

We won’t talk about how my window was frozen shut, making drive-thru communications rather creative or how by the time I reached the window Maya was crying (which she never does) and my disastrous attempt to throw cake pops at the boys instead of getting out of the car in my jammies to deliver them safely.   No, we will instead  talk about the grand entrance of my favorite Starbucks coffees- Casi Cielo.  OHHHH the joy!!!  Still a little jaded by the fact that they ran out of their Christmas blend k-cups way too early, this chain redeemed itself when I opened my email this morning.  Casi Ceilo actually means “almost heaven” and I agree, wholeheartedly- so wholeheartedly that I purchased not one, not two, but three boxes of kcups.  My love runs deep.  I also don’t get out much.

We won’t talk about how I had to pull over and find Regan’s cake pop for him in the depths of the van or how Josiah decided to turn his cake pop into a worm, rolling it up in his hands for ten minutes before I noticed.  No, instead I will focus on the smooth extra hot white mocha that I savored along with an oatmeal cookie that I pretended was healthy.  This morning coffee alone wasn’t gonna cut it.  Heck, I still had to make it all the way home and get them inside, de-robed and to bed for naps.

I suppose since this is a milestone post I’ll mention that I just finished bathing the princess while both boys were still awake (huge feat if you know anything about me and children’s baths) and am actually going to finish this post- another huge milestone.  I have about 4 other lovely blog posts half written…such is life.  Oh and Maya slept 7 hours in a row last night- that makes twice this week- and while I won’t applaud too loudly I am doing some silent cheering as she snores beside me.  Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel?  HA.  I know better than to solidify a few beautiful nights of sleep into fact.  My boys are only 2 and 3…it’s all still very fresh in my mind.  But I do know enough to enjoy it while it lasts.

Did I mention I am so thankful for my little girl…gosh, she keeps getting cuter.  One of the unfinished posts is all about her- so I’ll save the good stuff for next month when I actually return to complete all these swirling ideas in my head.  I am getting whirly…and I don’t even know what that means.

Milestones.  Gotta love em.


2 responses to “milestone.

  1. Wait, we have to wait until NEXT MONTH to hear from you?? I don’t know if I can handle it.
    But in other news… *FIST BUMP* nice work mamma! I was laughing at my desk reading about the drive thru adventure– I could totally see it all!
    Love you

  2. so proud of you – the starbuck’s drive through with 3 little ones in the dead of winter. Girl after my own heart!!

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