happy hearts day.

I think last year I made the declaration that Valentines day would be about family love…and I still agree.  While I didn’t decorate like I plan to in the future- we did  create and mail our own valentines, I plan to cook heart something for breakfast…and I did start a little tradition that I hope lasts for a long time.

I love books.  I want my children to love books.  Josiah always has and Regan is coming around.  Maya…well…let’s just say I don’t often sit around reading my 3 month old books- a pipe dream that only happened with the first child, barely.  We own a great selection of board books and thanks to my teaching years, I have boxes full of elementary age books.  But my motto is- you can never own too many.  So, with that, this year-2014 (how appropriate – 2…14…) begins a tradition of gifting a book to each child on Valentines Day.  These won’t be valentines books necessarily, but more importantly they will be about love.

This year’s choices:

josFor Maya chose a gorgeous book called Monday Hearts for Madalene.  It isn’t exactly a kids book, more just a beautiful “coffee table” book that I think it’ll look beautiful on her shelf in her new nursery. ha!

regsFor Josiah I chose this cute little board book called Hug.  He is the best hugger I know…so I thought it was appropriate.  Plus he loves all animals- it’s a win win.  It’s pretty wordless, but he likes to make up his own stories anyway.

mayaFor Regan I chose a sweet board book called Counting Kisses.  I think he’ll love this one because he is kinda into kisses and counting…and by into, I mean obsessed.  And he is really into repetitive book reading, so this felt like one I could read 10x in a row no problem.

And then to make it easy on Bart I picked out a book for myself too…perhaps a tradition I will continue, hehe.  We are in the process of buying a new house so I am constantly pinning  decorating ideas and drooled over this book- so thank you Bart.  meThe book is called Creative Family Home:  Imaginative and Original Spaces for Modern Family Living.  I am hoping it will give me even more inspiration.  I love beautiful books like these.  And I love amazon.

Happy Valentines Day!  Praying you feel loved today.


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