fumes, miracles, and green fruit

It’s been quiet in this blog-o-sphere for awhile.  My sister even inquired and she never usually does so that’s when I know it’s bad.  I’ve had a few rounds of sickness and back issues that stopped me from sitting…which is usually the position in which I blog.  Alas.  Then there was this whole parenting thing called Don’t-let-Regan-out-of-your-sight which is a post for another day (good news, he’s doing great!)  And to top it all off we are in the process of buying a house so my mind is far from present most days.  At the moment there are 8 items in the garage in various stages of spray paintdom.  It’s glorious but also fumey…inside I burn candles, turn the heat up and open windows to ensure my children’s brain cells aren’t being compromised.

More reasons it’s been quiet on the blog frontier…we host a life group at our home now every week and I also attend a bible study another night.  Evenings are most often my blog time…but since adding a third to the mix- who doesn’t go to bed at 7pm, it gets a little tricky.  As I type this I am rocking her in her bassinet, hoping she’ll fall asleep so I can spray paint some more.

A week from today I will be leaving on a jet plane with my youngest.  We are headed to Seattle…well, Port Angeles…a little vacation for me.  It’s Maya’s first plane ride and I’m so excited to fly with just one little peanut.  So easy, so simple…bliss.  Five days of lovely time with my family- I cannot wait!

This Friday night I am hosting a craft night- that I hope to do every month.  It is simple- bring your own crafty stuff you’re working on and we’ll chat, eat treats, laugh and maybe even get inspired.  I haven’t decided if I’ll be doing my paint-by-numbers art, watercolor, cross stitch, painting cardboard letters, felted mobile or lettering canvases yet.  Baha.  I have about a million projects started…but nowhere near finished.

And even though it’s not spring, I’m in crash organize trash mode to top it all off.  Every closet, every box, everything must be touched, sorted, and purged.  It’s really crazy how we just moved in 9 months ago and yet there are many things I can get rid of.  I often take inventory (not literally) of our stuff, but keep things here and there that I don’t know if I’ll need later so it’s fun to go back through a year later and chuck them.  My proudest moment thus far is consolidating every single toddler boy shoe into one bin…AND finding every matching pair.  MIRACLES do happen.

Wanna know something weird?  For the past month my fruit bowl has been ALL green and yellow.  I don’t know how it happens…it’s not like I plan it.  But our groceries just came and I did it again- bananas, golden delicious apples, green pears and kiwi.

Okay, now you see why I have not been blogging much lately?  Geeez…I just told you about my fruit bowl.  Well, she’s asleep so I’m nabbing this window of precious time and heading out to inhale some fumes.


One response to “fumes, miracles, and green fruit

  1. Um, I love all of this… even down to the Golden Delicious Apples. hahaha Can’t wait to read the Regan-centric post 😉 AND I can’t wait until I see you in SIX days!!!!! Love you sister.

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