just write

So, last Wednesday I flew across the country with a plane full of writers.  There was some majorly huge writing conference being held in Seattle and after listening to enough literary conversations and seeing more actual books being read (instead of kindles) I talked with a woman near the bathroom who filled me in.  She named some famous poet that was sitting next to her, and was literally gushing about all sorts of people on the flight.  I asked if she was famous to which she replied- “well not as much as some”.  Chuckling I walked back to my seat and thought I’d google them all later.  Never did.

Anyway, among the plethora of conversations I got to hear, while sitting at the second to last aisle seat on the plane (bathroom lines are endless ahhhh!), one stood out to me. I can’t remember all that was said, but one writer was complaining about how hard it had been lately to get anything on a page and as if it was common sense, her confidant replied, “well, even if you’re uninspired, just write.”

It struck me in that moment.  I wouldn’t say that I lack inspiration on this blog, as much as I just lack plain old time to get it done.  But there are moments when I find time, but then feel dull.  I need to just write, even in those emotionless times.  It was good for me to hear that even professional writers hit blocks.  There might be hope for me yet.

The trip was good- Maya’s maiden voyage on an airplane is complete.  She did good, not excellent, but almost.  She cried for a hot second, which I’ve never dealt with on a plane in all the flying I’ve done with infants.  And she is a light sleeper, so when she did nap, I tried not to move a muscle.  Good times.  My time with my family was wonderful, except that the plane ride sitting caused my back pain to return with a vengeance.  Oh well.  I survived and I’m very thankful I was able to make the trip, see my family and share Maya.

Speaking of back pain, I gotta go lay down.


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