what is working and what is not

things that are working…

Josiah likes to eat basically just the skin off an apple…Regan spits the skins out with every bite.  So, now Josiah gets the apple first and then hands it off to Regan for completion.  True brotherly love.

Hiring a person to clean my house may have been the best idea I’ve had yet.  I don’t imagine I’ll have this luxury forever, but for now I’m going to relish it.  Especially when said housecleaner also offers to bbsit the sleeping boys so Bart, Maya and I can go on an afternoon date.

I am getting more and more inspired in the sewing arena.  While I don’t think it’ll be quite as soon as I thought (june is coming way too fast and also has a beach involved) I do think I’ll be ready to begin sewing by year’s end.  I really really want to quilt.

I now water my plants with ice cubes.  It’s so much easier and doesn’t require their removal and inhabitation of the sink.

things that are not working…

Regan sleeping.  He is having some royal trouble.  Not sure what’s going on.

Maya is kinda cranky…can’t tell if she’s teething  or just having stomach issues.  I kinda want to give her some baby advil for the first time and buy one of those amber necklaces that I’ve never needed.

I just want my back to be better.

Starting crafts is the name of my game and it’s getting soooo old.  I do like to finish stuff once in awhile.

Blogging with any semblance of deepness.

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