grand ideas

I get these grand ideas all the time.  Like for instance, this morning- when I noticed the change jar was getting really full I thought it was the perfect time to teach Josiah about coins and practice sorting.  Of course, there’s Regan too…but besides the occasional attempt to eat the money and subsequent cuddle because I told him no…he wasn’t so interested.

Josiah on the other hand, jumped right in.  I set up four piles and we went to work.  However, I forgot the clean-freakness tendencies that Josiah leans towards and realized about ten coins in that I was going to get tired of this quick.  Every other coin was dirty- especially the pennies which were his favorite.  Exclaiming “ewww yucky” about a million times coupled with attempts to “wash” them with baby wipes made me conclude that perhaps this wasn’t a great activity for him.

Grand ideas often pop into my head and lately they’ve been ones that involve getting tasks done that need to be completed.  I thought I would be one of those moms who has their toddlers folding laundry by this time, but teaching them to empty the dishwasher is hard enough.  And painting…I keep saying they get to paint soon but I cannot get up enough guts to follow through.  Maya is the wildcard so I never know if I’ll be hands-free enough to assist crazy painters.

I won’t bore you with all the rest of my grand ideas that failed…Happy Monday!


2 responses to “grand ideas

  1. You’re not boring me…. keep it coming. Um, and that’s hilarious that you guys spent time this morning washing pennies. I can just picture it. 😉 love yas

  2. You’re my grand beauty

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