we are moving

We signed a hundred papers today.  We drove to our new house and threw some paint samples on the walls.  Contractors are checking out every nook and cranny as we have to repaint and refloor the entire place.

We aren’t leaving NJ.  Don’t freak out.  We are just lugging our stuff a few streets over…but the biggest excitement is that we actually BOUGHT the house we’re moving into.  YEP!  The girl who said she’d be fine with never buying a house has now jumped into owning a home for the second time.  But, it feels good.  It feels different.  Well, right now it feels very surreal.  And we’re not actually moving into the house for another month but we did buy it today, so it’s official.  Heck I even ordered a stamp with our new address on it.  That means business.

I know I use this term a lot…but I think we’re headed into a new season.  This house is perfect for us.  It’s got enough bedrooms for everyone and we have plans to finish the basement to add a few more.  It has amazing natural light which is a big must for me.  There’s a pool, which I never wanted but I’m actually pretty stoked on it now- hoping it’ll attract people…our own little built-in community builder.  It is fully fenced in which means heaven for my dog.  We get a garage again…oh how I’ve missed garages.  What I love most about this house is that there isn’t extra space…it’s small enough that we’ll still know where each person in the family is, at any given moment.  I really like that.  I hope it fosters a close-knitness among us as the kids grow.

However, the most amazing room in the house BY FAR is the playroom.  For several years I’ve always dreamed of having a playroom that had doors- specifically french doors.  I think the idea of just being able to close those beautiful doors instead of cleaning up at night appealed to me…but I don’t think I actually believed we would find a house with them already made.  But WE DID.  The room is probably supposed to be a formal living room or sitting room, but heck, who needs that?  It’s a great size, has floor to ceiling windows on one side plus several other windows, and cathedral ceilings!?!?!?!  Could it get any better??!  It is centrally located and absolutely perfect in every way.  In all my idea swirlings with the house, this room has captured my attention the most.  I cannot wait to make it an experience.  My only plan so far is to create more of a “center/station” driven room, rather than walls filled with bins of toys.  I’m drawing on my classroom experience and brainstorming an art center, a reading corner, a sports area, a puppet theatre/dress-up station…you get the idea.

God is so kind.

Can you tell I’m excited?  I think the 2nd room that has my heart would be Maya’s nursery.  I haven’t yet had a chance to really go for it, in terms of decorating her room, since I knew we’d only be in this rental until May.  I have SO MANY things and ideas that I’ve collected over the last year and can’t wait to pull it all together into a sweet vintage girly haven.

Oh and I just discovered FOUR hydrangea bushes in the backyard!!!!  Made my heart skip a beat.  On the other hand, the holly bushes made my blood pressure rise.  Oh well.  We own another house- what?!?!?!

I could keep writing and writing…those of you following me on pinterest- I apologize for the non-stop pinning.  I’ll take a break soon.  Until then…

lake house


2 responses to “we are moving

  1. I have been dreaming of the same play room….from the “center/station” idea i learned from you!! Maybe one day we can swap pictures! Haha. Very excited for you guys! Is that the pic of your actual house? If so, wow! Love it!!

  2. I am so very happy for the Farrell Five!!!!

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