lilac hopes

Perhaps it’s because Maya slept through the night  and Josiah’s new alarm clock actually worked correctly…or because I noticed the lilac bush in our backyard is starting to bud…whatever it may be, I feel hope this morning.

I remember watching that lilac bush through the winter, remembering the beautiful blooms it had when we moved in, thinking it was definitely dead, definitely not going to bloom again ever.  It seriously looked that desolate.  And somehow I knew that if it did bloom again, joy would come with it.

I’ve been through a dead season.  It feels pretty lonely and pretty hopeless but I knew change was coming.  Sometimes looking forward helps and in this case, I kept looking at that lilac bush- the one outside the very window I’m staring at right now.  If that thing could bloom again, with all the freezing and snow of this winter, then so could I.

God loves to walk us through seasons of dying to ourselves- and while I don’t often enjoy the process, I do believe in it, in the power He has when I say yes…even when I say no He is still moving.

I cannot wait to see what this next month holds.  I cannot wait to see this lilac bush in full bloom and I am praying it happens before we move.


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