I found myself in the middle of the baby toy aisle at Target yesterday and realized…this baby girl is different.  I’ve purchased a baby toy here and there but never because I needed to- it was mostly because I thought they were fun.  But Maya…she needs them- you know the kind that keep a tiny baby occupied…the ones that crinkle and have soft parts and usually involve a mirror.  Yeah, I think we have owned two total between both boys and sadly I can’t find them.  And believe me, she needs to be distracted in the car- she actually needs those toys that everyone hangs off their car seat handles.  My other two could have cared less- and still can sit happily in the car with nothing but the open road to keep them occupied.  She’s a girl.  Ha!

Maya is the chattiest baby I’ve ever met.  She started babbling so soon, I almost couldn’t believe it.  She also started moving sooner than my boys too.  Right now her favorite thing to do when I lay her down for sleep is to roll over so she can watch me and giggle.  Unfortunately she can’t get herself back over onto her stomach (we call that turtled) and thus, she is only happy for a few minutes before she gets annoyed.

One of my favorite things about her is that she doesn’t have poop explosions.   You know the kind I’m talking about moms…up the back, nasty, 20+ wipes or just straight to the bath.  Gross.  My theory is that it’s because she’s a girl…different parts…but according to my friends with girls, it happens to the best of them.  I just got a nice little pooper this time.  Bahahaha.  Either way, it’s a welcome change.

Myty’s laugh is so awesome.  It makes us all smile.  Josiah makes her giggle the most, and he loves it.  He also has the talent of getting her quiet if she’s whiny and with the amount of times he calls her beautiful; she’ll never have a self-esteem problem.

Her hair makes me smile every single day.  Someone asked me last week what I did to it when we go out/dressed her up…I chuckled.  There isn’t a darn thing that will tame it right now- so “wild style” is her game.  She gets lots of comments on her crazy hair…or at least the amount of it.

I love the way I forget and then remember what babies learn.  Today I was kissing her and realized that soon she will kiss me back- well who knows how soon, I actually have no idea when that happens!  And now when I go in to get her after sleep she smiles and giggles instead of grumpy hungry tiny baby wake ups.  I love watching her try to get up on all fours, even though it terrifies me that she’s starting so soon.  I love watching Josiah’s excitement when she grabs a toy from him now- he claps and squeals excitedly- so precious.

Yesterday we had a warm day finally so Maya was in just a onesie and her cute chubby little legs are my favorite.  One more reason to look forward to summer.  Baby girl bathing suits?? Rompers??  Tank dresses?  I mean…gosh, girls are fun.  Sometimes I look into her next size clothes bins with such anticipation.  I know, I’m a dork.

For all the sleep I’ve lost lately because of our princess, I can’t help but be thankful for the precious life that is my daughter.  I am still in awe that I get to be her mom, that our boys get to have her as a sister, that pretty soon I get to put her hair in ponytails…ha!

Needless to say, we are loving our little princess.



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