what is most important

It’s 1am on Easter morning, and I’m awake- not because I’m hiding eggs for a hunt in the morning or making last minute preparations for a big feast but because my baby is off her schedule and wanted a feeding at midnight.  Of course, I can’t get back to sleep.  Oh the elusive sleep- I want it desperately all day long but when night comes…

But, as I was lying in bed for the last hour, I thought about how grateful I am for this Easter.  And how much I want to remember this one, especially.  Why?  Because my oldest son is showing signs of understanding…the real meaning of Easter, in all it’s glory.  Sure, he recounts that ‘Jesus died from the dead’ and we all chuckle, and his facial expressions when he tells about how Jesus wasn’t there in the tomb on the third day make me want to burst into giggles; but I’m still awestruck by one thing.  This precious boy is beginning to grasp the importance of a man who is the most important to me.  I had no idea how it would feel.  And the even more exciting part is that Josiah is going to discover secrets about Jesus that I don’t even know yet.

Adding a third baby to the mix has caused me to scrap a lot of “traditions” this year…and Easter baskets fell through the cracks rather quickly.  But this 2014 Easter will always be one to remember.  As I heard Bart trying to explain that the easter bunny isn’t real, I chuckled.  Later today we will take our cutely dressed children to their aunt’s house for a big egg hunt extravaganza where at least a blow up bunny will show up and candy will abound…but I will watch all the crazy with a different lens.  My son is learning about the beauty of a man- the Son of God.  I’m not worried that a bunny is going to get in the way.  I am eagerly waiting for Jesus…who is more alive than ever before…to encounter my sweet boy.

And so, this Easter will pass with not a single dyed egg or peep to be found in the Farrell home, but I am satisfied.  This is the beginning of something huge.


One response to “what is most important

  1. Heidi Meythaler

    Oh friend, you make me cry. Thank you. I miss you!!

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