that one day…

I’ve been seeing so many advertisements about what to buy a mom for mothers day…but really all we ever want is a day off.  I read in a magazine recently that something like 90 % of mothers want a day off gifted for mothers day, but only about 2% actually get what they want.  Ha!  I know moms struggle with feeling selfish, even though wanting a little vaca isn’t selfish at all.  Mothers Day should be about what a mother wants…and somehow I’m guessing most, if given the option, would choose a day off.  Now, that might not mean they don’t see their children all day- it just means they don’t have to see them or take care of them in any way, shape or form.

Now, for me- 3 out of the my 4 mothers days have been spent pretty much alone. Yes, we go to church as a family, but then my husband kindly pushes me out the door (at my request) with no time limits at all.  Usually I’ve returned around dinner time, but I’ve taken it further once.  Last year my own mom was here visiting for mothers day, which was fun because that hasn’t happened in years- being with my mom for the special day.  I think I took a nap all afternoon while my parents took care of my kids- ha!  Oops.  But there were beautiful flowers…

This year, this blessed day falls on the same weekend we are moving into our new home.  Lovely, right?  Kinda guessing I won’t be heading out for a day of alone time with boxes and junk waiting to be undone…but ya never know!

I’m tired today.  Can you tell?  I don’t even know why I decided to type something out this morning…sickness abounds in our house once again and sleeplessness is more common that I’d like to remember.  But, it’s sunny and beautiful outside, and there are boxes to fill- and I wanted to procrastinate…ok, I’m done.


One response to “that one day…

  1. You’re Panamanian. Just celebrate it in December this year. Hehe

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