we are in.

As I sit here on the ground, next to an outlet so this laptop can charge, I feel thankful for my beautiful new home.  However, this move has been unlike any other and I’m trying so desperately to roll with it even though in these situations I’m just not a “roll with it” kind of girl.

Currently the front of our home is being banged and drilled…offering a not-so-peaceful daytime feel.  Plus the front two rooms- aka: half the downstairs- are off limits because of construction.  One of those rooms is the playroom, which means every toy is still packed and in turn equals lots of dvd watching.  Ugh.

Add to this the fact that the last two days have been in the 80s thus making our house a hotbox and instead of unpacking I found myself drenched with sweat in front of a fan.  I’m a wimp.  Yes, we do have airconditioning, but we can’t get our air ducts cleaned until the construction is done, and since the previous owner smoked in here for 20 years, we can’t imagine what might come out into the air without a proper cleaning.  All worth it, but in the moment I die.  It’s pathetic how much I hate sweating.  Weak.

Thankfully today it’s in the 60s and delightfully chilly.  I don’t feel like running to my car and blasting the AC for hours.  But here’s the other catch- half of our belongings are stacked in the garage.  Partly because our basement is getting redone in the next few months, so we didn’t want to do double duty with that stuff, but the rest of the garage is dining room and play room stuff.  Dumb me didn’t think ahead to move my décor boxes out of the way, so they are stacked under tons of other boxes and there is no place to restack until our construction guys move out of the other part of the garage.  So…here I am in this beautiful new house, and my hands are tied.  No decorating, no unpacking… but lots of dreaming.  It’s probably very good for me to live in this place for awhile before I start nailing into the perfectly white walls.

Which by the way, I LOVE the white walls.  So crisp and bright…I am in love.  And while I know this whole post has been a complain fest, it’s mostly just an update as to why there are no pretty house pictures up yet and what I’ve been up to.  The kids are enjoying our “new house” although I had to take Josiah back to our old rental to show him it was empty and that we weren’t coming back.  Ha!

So, in conclusion, we are in.  I’m so glad, hands tied and all.  It’s pretty surreal.


One response to “we are in.

  1. Jos’s mind= blown? 😉

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