observations from lake road

Just thought I’d reflect back on this move- some observations if you will- since all the kids are miraculously asleep at the same time.

It’s funny how even though we literally moved a mile I still stopped buying groceries a week before the big day.  It’s as if I thought the food would spoil in the 5 minute car ride…hm.  Needless to say, grocery delivery happened yesterday.

I chuckled when the person carrying in our ironing board asked if I wanted it in the kitchen…as if to imply we use it so much.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it didn’t move from it’s spot in the basement all last year- I hate ironing, therefore, I don’t.

Moving made me realize what I care about.  The only thing I care about is our dining room table.   That’s not true- but as far as material possessions- that’s it.  When I heard a piece of furniture broke, I asked if it was the table…then, when it wasn’t…I smiled.  It was actually Josiah’s ghetto bed from amazon that I have always hated and secretly prayed would be too big to get out of his room.  Instead, it broke.  Phew!

I am very proud of my bright idea to fill the kids closets with the bins of baby clothes I’ve acquired.  They are labeled- one bin per size…and several times I got weird looks from our friends who would ask where the 6-9 month clothes went- and I’d say Regan’s room.  Um…isn’t he almost 3?  Ha!  But- what the heck else goes in their closets?  NOTHING.  So instead of fill the basement with bins of clothes awaiting our friend’s kids/fourth child…I came up with a brilliant plan.

On the flip side, I’m still holding onto my teaching supplies.  Granted, I have pared down my teacher stuff to a mere four-ish boxes but still…I keep thinking I should just throw it out, but then I realize I’m holding onto this dream of doing fun cool “school” stuff with the kiddos- plus when they want to “play school” like I did when I was young, they are set.

And then there’s the hope chest that my dear parents gifted to me as a teenager.  That thing is a beast.  It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, but every single time we move people complain about carrying it and then I don’t know where to put it.  Alas.  It’s in the garage right now, but don’t worry mom, so is half our house right now.  I think it will come to rest at the foot of your bed in the guest room- in a few months.

I did one thing sooo right this move.  I packed up/moved almost our entire kitchen BEFORE we moved…and then unpacked it one night last week- sans kids.  It was amazing to be able to find sippy cups and forks and paper plates as soon as we moved in.  Seriously, that is always the most stressful part because I’m usually combing through boxes looking for little very necessary things but waa-la… it as magical this time.

I am really looking forward to Saturday…it’s Mothers day!!  What?  Yours was last Sunday- that’s so nice- mine is this weekend- thanks to a wonderful man named Bart who postponed my special day for me.  I cannot wait.  Especially since I have been listening to nonstop country radio and banging for the past three days (and yes, I used to love  country music- I suppose I do not anymore).  Gotta love construction workers.



One response to “observations from lake road

  1. Hi Krista! I’m Alison from Australia & My husband & I bought your home in Winchester Ave – I guess you remember that move back in 2012 ?! We LOVE living here & since we’re only here for 3 months doing Ihop, I’ve only just now gotten around to looking in a big box that was left in the basement. I found some memorabilia from your youth that I was wondering if you wanted? There is a personal profile book with high school results, references, photos & reward certificates. Then there is an album “Memories of Panama” which is a bit water damaged & a folder from Pacific Lutheran University. I didnt want to throw them out without checking with you first :). Please email me to let me know what to do with them, kindest regards Alison

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