I just typed the title, which I usually never do first, and accidently spelled Bib instead.  I almost left it, because I’m weird.  I’m also tired.  My dearest husband and I stayed up waaaay too late last night trying to put some horrid shelves on the wall- note to self: don’t buy expensive shelving anymore, stick to the cheap DIY ones.  He’s a dear though, not even throwing the shelf when he wanted to.

I finished a painting yesterday- the brightest painting I’ve ever done.  I should be adding photos to these posts but it’s too much work right now and I have no idea where my sd card transfer thingee is.

BIG NEWS that totally deserves it’s own post but I wanted to get it on the blog sooner rather than next year…..MAYA’S ADOPTION IS FINALIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!  For those of you who don’t know, a court hearing with a judge and our lawyer in Florida has to happen before it’s official…so last Thursday we shlepped the whole gang into a random insurance office to sit with a notary for ten minutes.  The whole hearing, which is done over the phone THANK GOODNESS (instead of flying back to FL) took less than 4 minutes and at the end, I think I breathed a big sigh of relief.  Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve finalized three adoptions…but sometimes it feels like lots more.  Now we can get her birth certificate- one of my favorite parts of this whole process- because it has our names as her parents- on such an official document.  Such an amazing feeling.

The other hugely awesome news is that MY PARENTS ARE COMING TOMORROW!!!  I cannot wait.  Josiah can’t wait.  He wakes up every morning and nap asking if they are here yet…my sentiments exactly.  We have plans to play a lot- our pool looks like it’ll be open…the beach is open (ha!)…free date nights…good eatin, shopping…and hopefully getting this house in order.  Plus Josiah is turning 4 while they are here so we are making a trek to the big Camden aquarium for a fun day to celebrate.

I think I need coffee.




2 responses to “B.I.G.

  1. Thanks for talking me down from throwing that shelf through the wall ;). And for dealing with my frustration so gently. You’re really a good teammate 🙂 move you doll 😉

  2. Free. Date. Nights. Now, those are three amazingly awesome words put together! Yay for your parents. The Slagg family is rejoicing at Maya’s finalization of the adoption. STELLAR. God is so so perfect and good.

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