the father

When I married Bart almost 8 years ago, I knew I was getting an incredible man.  I knew he was kind and compassionate, full of honesty and integrity.  I knew he was the funniest man I’d ever met and that he had such a zeal for the Lord that sometimes I wanted to punch him out- in a good way.  I knew he was sensitive and strong, sweet and handsome.

But I didn’t get to see the gems hidden below his surface until our first baby came along.  Bart has a way with babies…and it’s so precious to watch.  Some men shy away from the newborn/infant stage, but he doesn’t.  He jumps right in and has taught me so much along the way.  My favorite memories are of the way he tenderly figures out what each of our new babies likes, whether it be rubbing the nose, a butt pat, rocking, singing…you name it, he tries it and then lets me know the perfect tricks.

Just this week, I watched him with Maya…his tenderness is beyond compare- he loves her in a way that I cannot.  He wraps her up in his big strong arms and she knows…she is his.  I have said it jokingly, but I really believe that he is Maya’s favorite.  She searches him out in a room, she lights up when she hears his voice and comes alive at the sight of his smile.  I don’t blame her.  The way he patiently waits to figure her out is such a sweet example to me.

Yes, Bart is an amazing dad to all our children, but lately, I’ve been in awe of the way he tenderly loves our sweet baby girl.  It’s a gift.  I’ve never claimed to have it all together in any area of my life, but mothering has been one area I fail at constantly.  I’m human, and I am trusting the Lord to redeem my shortfalls…but I do know that redemption often comes in one instant.  The moment my sweet husband plucks our little daughter from her crib and rocks her to sleep, showering her with kisses as he soothingly speaks love over her…I don’t have to fear- our children know love.  They have been blessed with a dad who knows his Father, and trusts in Him completely.

Bart reminds me consistently of the way the Father loves me.  I have been blessed to grow up with a wonderful dad who still loves me deeply…even 34 years later.   He has always been an amazing example of how my heavenly Father loves me.  But as I watch Bart parent, it gives me yet another view of who God is- and how tender my Father is with me.  I am so grateful that my children get to grow up with this view in front of them.

Thank you dad for loving me so well.

Thank you Bart for loving our children so incredibly.

Happy Fathers Day to my favorite men.  I love you.


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