happy first birthday maya

maya16My dearest Mymy,

It’s your birthday!  The very first one you’ve ever had, besides you know, the one where you were birthed.  I have had the privilege of being by your side for every single day of your life.  What a gift.  I always wanted a daughter but I never realized what amazing joy you would bring.

DSC_0057DSC_0021DSC_0128I love the way you laugh- with your whole body- even smiles take up every inch of your face.  Your dimples are the best and your little chiclets crack me up.  Even when I don’t want to smile, I just physically can’t not when I see your beautiful grin.  I love your crazy hair and admit that I have no idea what to do with it.  I love the way you stare at everyone.  I love the way you’ll snuggle when you’re tired, but if you’re awake- the world is beckoning.  You don’t stop for a moment, except to stuff yet another *insert anything on the floor* into your mouth.

maya15I love your strength.  You are fearless when it comes to movement.  You are so tough.  The fact that you are walking already is purely you- all you.  Lord knows I tried my best to thwart your progress and slow you down, but that’s impossible.  I wonder how much of the way you take on this little world right now is a glimpse of how you will tackle life in the future.  Oh and I can’t wait to hear you talk!

DSC_0003I love the way you love your brothers and how they can always calm you.  I love how happy you get when they come into your room in the morning…really how excited you are when anyone comes in!  I love picking you up from your crib and holding you close, kissing your cheek a million times while you just let me.  I love dressing you- and how every single time I put a shirt over your head you giggle.  I mean…who does that?  I love you, I just love you so much.  I love introducing you as my daughter…I love praying over you and dreaming of your future.  I love that you’re mine.

maya8You made me so proud at your birthday party girl… no tears when we sang the birthday song so loudly- nope, all smiles instead.  And then the way you want after your birthday cake was seriously the best cake smashing I’ve ever seen.  You are a star!  I can’t wait to see what God has planned for your life;  I have a feeling your dad and I are in for a real exciting adventure.

Happy Birthday my darling daughter- you are the best!

Love mama



One response to “happy first birthday maya

  1. Oh Maya Joy– Love you so much!! Less than six weeks until I can smoosh that face!! So glad God made you apart of this family. Hugs and Kisses from Auntie Erica

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