have yourself a merry little christmas

First- I know this blog has taken a dive into the abyss.  Hoping for inspiration in the near year… but for now, I’ll just say I know I know.  People are gonna shoot me because I am talking about Christmas and it’s not even Thanksgiving.  But, everyone who’s anyone is telling me that since Thanksgiving is so late this year, it’s okay to start decorating for Christmas…and listening to Christmas music.  EEEK.  Hate me?

Well, sorry!  I’m ready to jump into the lights and the cozyness of the holiday time…I found my signature Christmas scent that was retired ten years ago…it’s back!  It’s a different company, but check out StellaMare Cranberry Tangerine candles- they are the most heavenly scent!!!  I could only find them online at Amazon for more expensive, so I enlisted my sister to pick me up some at Fred Meyer and there was even a sale.  They are made in Portland, Oregon…so I’m sure you west coast peeps can find them nearby.  Anyway, I’m also getting an early start because I will be taking everything down on December 20th so we can fly to Seattle on the 21st.  Have I convinced you that it’s okay yet?

I just finished taking down my Fall decor.  It wasn’t hard and last week we already threw out our porch mums because they had all died.   Alas.  It just seems right…this week it got really cold here too.  Bart is making fires often, which I love.  I am dying to browse my favorite antique stores to check out their Christmas selections and I’ve already walked through Target’s holiday section about a hundred times.

I’m looking at the mountain that is taking a kid’s christmas card photo.  The easy part is picking out the clothing.  The hard part is…well, everything else.  Wish me luck!

New favorite Christmas album- Kim Walker-Smith- When Christmas Comes. So good!



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