its my birthday and i’ll post if i want to

bday35 Things I’ve Learned…since I am turning 35 today.  Side note- I can literally remember thinking that thirty-five was old.  My, how my perspective has changed.  Now I think 80 is old, but that’s more normal, right?  So, I think it’s weird that I am now in my mid-30s…like, 40 is my next big milestone?  Like, who said that was “over the hill”- so lame.  40 is the new 30.  Ha.  I don’t mind getting older actually.

1.  It’s easier to be who you were made to be, than someone else.  The older I get the more I realize I like who I am and I can be confident in who God made me.

2.  Hugs from my dad still give me the same loved feeling as when I was 2.

3.  Scarves make me hot, always.  I still like them but like all of my accessorizing, they only last a few minutes.

4.  There are things that I am good at, and I don’t need to worry about perfecting every area…sometimes good enough is just right.

5.  But, there’s always time to learn something new…like that time I learned how to crochet.  Perhaps I will have time to learn that again.

6.  Gratitude is the gateway to joy and contentment.

7.  Jesus likes me.  He loves me too, and He really enjoys being with me.

8.  Age does make a difference in this life, but spending time with people in their 20s and their 50s and any age is so good to do.  Generations bring hope and perspective like nothing else.

9.  I will always miss my favorite far-away people, no matter where I live.

10.  God is constantly showing me a new facet of who He is.  When I accept and believe it, I fall more in love with Him.

11.  The only person in this world that I love talking on the phone with is my sister.

12.  I will always be a spender.  Sorry Bart.

13.  I still love presents, even at 35.  I think this means I always will.  And I might always be the first one up on Christmas morning forever.

14.  Never neglect time to yourself.  Alone.

15.  I hate picking out paint colors of rooms.  I never knew this about myself, until this year.  The lesson is- go with what you really want, not what anyone else says.  It worked for me!

16.  Taking pictures is important.  I will never regret capturing moments.  Plus it’s a good love language to my mom, the scrapbooker extraordinaire.

17.  It’s not my job to include everyone all the time.  And that’s okay.  But its good to be sensitive and kind.

18.  A starbucks delivery will do wonders for anyone.

19.  Spray paint is one of my favorite things.  Gold is especially fun.

20.  Bart is more sensitive than me.  I think I will never catch up.

21.  Consistency is key in parenting, but every once in a while surprise them with a treat or a special activity instead of what they were expecting (nap, discipline etc).

22.  Snuggle.  Snuggling is good for all things, all people.

23.  Amazon Prime is the best money saver in this world.

24.  Cooking is not enjoyable to me these days, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever.  And sometimes, I need to just do it anyway.

25.  I can make anywhere home.  But I will always call my parent’s home mine too.

26.  Shelves are amazing but horrible to install.  I cannot forget that the next time we move.

27.  Always take lots of pictures of newborn babies…because when they start moving it’s really hard to.

28.  Sleep is my favorite.

29.  Accepting people’s generosity is a learned behavior.

30.  Texting is acceptable for any communication now in my world.  I know it’s not in other people’s lives, but as for me and myself…text me.

31.  Showers are a place of peace and quiet.

32.  I have never felt more gratitude in my life than when 2 women gave me their babies to keep as my own.  I will never get over that.

33.  Sunshine is a gift.  Relish it.  Bask in it.

34.  Rewards are such a good motivator.  Use them liberally.

35.  The ocean is where I see God the clearest.  It’s vast and glorious and beautiful and breath-taking.  I’m so glad that’s who God is.


One response to “its my birthday and i’ll post if i want to

  1. “I don’t mind getting older actually.”….I’ll check back with you in 20 years and see how you feel about that one! 🙂

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