feeling new yearish

We arrived home at 2am this morning, from a 12 day trip to the West coast.  Walking into our house felt oddly fresh and new.  Of course, I was looking forward to my own bed and my own shower’s water pressure- but our home felt different to me today.  I like different.  I like new.  I like fresh starts.

January firsts have always been a mixed bag of thoughts for me.  Part of me wants to resolve a million things, part of me doesn’t…most of me wants to purge every corner of my house of anything that doesn’t belong…but all of me wants change.  I ordered a letterpress print for this year that is actually a checklist of sorts- the title is “Big Things Happen One Day At A Time” and I am supposed to fill in one thing I want to work on, one day at a time.  I’m oddly excited to make this decision, and although there are several things I will resolve to work on this year- I need this one to be special.

There is a swirl in my head that I want to be quieted before I make any moves toward resolutions.  My mind is pinging like a pogo stick from to-do’s to desires to desperations…between being hopeful and hopeless, excited yet overwhelmed.  I believe this is a good place to dwell for a minute or a week, whatever is necessary.

By the way, our Washington Christmas was wonderful.  It was awesome to be there for the holidays- we haven’t been in several years.  My parents are the best hosts and it was great to see all our family and a few friends.  The plane rides actually weren’t nearly as traumatic as they could have been and we didn’t even use benadryl.  It was worth it all- the beauty of the northwest is incomparable in my opinion.  I sipped coffee and sat on the couch staring at water and mountains plenty.  Thank you for having us mom and dad- you guys are the best!

Cheers to 2015- to fresh starts- to making things happen one day at a time.


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