snow day reflections.

Day 3 has begun of my solo parenting gig while Bart is in Aspen for work.  Of course, last night had me frantically charging everything I could possibly charge and finishing all the dishes and laundry so if we lost power for days I wouldn’t have to deal with dirty crusty stuff. Ha.  The one to two feet prediction ended up showing itself as 3-5 inches, thank the Lord!  I know above us- the real north east got a lot more but I am so glad I am not hunkering down in a freezing house trying to entertain three small children and keep them warm by a fire that I’ve never made.

It’s kinda making me reflective.  I didn’t sleep great last night, so I am hyper sensitive to whining and my personal space bubble this morning…thus I got very impatient with my boys already this morning.  But I stopped in amazement to quickly apologize for my behavior and without skipping a beat Josiah said ‘we forgive you’ and they moved on.  It made me realize how far God has brought me in this whole motherhood thing… I have soooo much to learn but I see how I have grown since the very first moment I held Josiah in my arms.  Gosh.

It’s so important to reflect on how we’ve grown, otherwise we (I at least) get stuck on what hasn’t improved, what I still need to work on.  It’s always a long list.  But I believe there are so many times that God just wants to wrap me up and say- “daughter, you are doing such a good job.  I am proud of you”.  I had one of those moments yesterday…and it was so sweet.  And I didn’t protest.  I used to always shake my head when He told me things like that…as if, He didn’t see everything so He couldn’t know.  HA!  How far from the truth is that?

The truth says He IS proud of me and YOU.  He loves each of us, no matter what.  He sees our hearts and that’s good news.

I am especially grateful for His love in times like this…when I am weak and alone.  And now I gotta go, since Josiah wants to show me a big surprise in the living room which is probably a line up of all his animals.  Very unique. Hehe.


2 responses to “snow day reflections.

  1. This makes my heart warm…love you so much K!

  2. Love. Thank you. Especially the line up of animals. 😉

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