wearing a new face moisturizer that is seriously awesome- so fresh and delicious smelling.  I confess, I don’t usually moisturize much except with a self-tanner lotion.  I know, horrible right.  Enter: Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream.  Now I will moisturize.

feeling very accomplished in life.  Excited for this new month and feeling like it will go by very quickly which seems fun- probably because I feel cold with all this snow.

enjoying dreaming about basement design and decor.  Our basement is finally beginning its trek to “finishdom” so I am feverishly pouring over paint colors and furniture options, light fixtures and toilets.  Okay, not excited about picking out a toilet, but it’s gotta be done.

smelling this amazingly awesome candle that came in the mail today.  It’s a Voluspa brand (Goji Tarocco Orange)– anthropologie carries the line, but I got this little tiny one from Nordstrom.  I wish there was a scratch and sniff thing for the computer- seriously so delectible.

eating air popped popcorn.  Yes…I traded in my stove popper for one that uses only air- figured it was healthier than oil and then I can justify using butter. Ha!

reading a ten pound book called Shantaram which was my bookclub’s pick for last month, but I never started it.  It’s supposed to be really really good and so I thought I’d buy the actual book and start reading.  It’s HUGE, like 900 pages or something.  And I confess, I’ve only read one page so far.  But I am determined to start reading again, and thus chose the longest book ever.

wanting another massage.  I got one yesterday and it was marvelous but I think I could go weekly.  Bart says no.  See basement reno budget.  I understand.  But still, I want.

needing a night away with my lovely husband.  Hoping that happens in March, or maybe April.  See basement reno budget.

drinking coffee with cream again.  Ohhhh it’s glorious!  And the best part is that I read that heavy cream is actually better for you than half-n-half so I am jumping on that band-wagon no questions asked.  I missed creamer…30 days was too long for us to be apart.

looking at all sorts of baby clothes for all the babies my pregnant friends are having.  I’m so excited.  And so thankful my baby is 15 months old.  I confess I have been looking at clothes for her too- can’t wait for summertime to see her in shorts and sandals and oh gosh.

helping Josiah write out Valentines for his classmates for the first time.  I thought I’d be that mom that does homemade ones with their kids…yeah, not so much this year.  I chose a step up from Target…Amazon hehe…dinosaur ones with temporary tattoos.  Also, it gives Josiah a chance to write his name a bunch, which he apparently needs to practice according to his report card.  Oops.



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