Every time I sit down to write a little in this space, something yanks me away.  I am CONSUMED in my brain with decorating ideas for our basement…which is coming along- insulation is this week and then DRY WALL.  I am not sure I ever thought I’d capitalize that word on my blog ever, but it has come to this.  DRY WALL makes me excited. Plumbing and electric…notsomuch.

Also on my brain is Easter dresses.  I will confess…I have bought 3 and returned all but one.  One was adorable but too curtain-y, the second was perfect except it looked odd on maya’s little body, and the third one is unique and bright and looks awesome on my little munchkin.  Unfortunately, it threw the whole “coordinating” sibling outfit idea right out the window which I decided was fine since they rarely sit still for an actual picture together anyway- alas.  Yes, the very important thing about Easter.  HA.

I just sat here for 3 minutes solid because I got distracted by…basement dreams. I know, it’s pathetic.  Seriously.

Ok. So, Maya is finally crawling out of her teeth pain haze.  Seriously the girl was depressed with feeling the constant ache, I swear.  Bart kept lamenting that he missed his sweet fun daughter and I had to agree- it was getting old.  But today- she emerged!!!  She’s back!  Molars are in, let the fun begin.

Spring is supposedly here, but every time I leave my house I feel bitter cold.  What. the. heck?  I can’t handle it much longer.  I’m not usually one to care much about coldness, bc I would rather be cold than hot…but seriously, I need to return to my first love- the beach.  There was a tease- 3 weeks ago…alas.

Currently two of three kiddos are in bed for the night but Regan is up because I let him nap too long.  Guess what he is ravenously eating?  Celery.  Yes, I kid you not.  Plain celery stalks.  He has already consumed ten full sticks. (?what’s the term)

Okay, I have come to this…talking about celery.  I gotta get out of here.  I am so sorry for the blatant lack of creativity flowing through this blog lately.  I’ll be back…when the basement is finished.


2 responses to “celery

  1. Celery stalks 😉

  2. Um, yum? 😉

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