to dress a baby girl

myI started this post a million days ago and just never got excited enough to complete it.  But- I am determined to now.  I get asked often where I shop for Myty and it’s always such a random answer…I don’t really like things that come in “outfits” usually but rather enjoy the challenge of putting pieces together.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes she comes down looking like a weirdo.  Ha!  I am including my favorite places to shop for my little Maya, who for reference is 17 months old.  This is not in order of importance, rather just as my brain brings ’em.

NextDirect is a store I found shortly before Maya was born.  It’s in UK but ships here for free if you spend over $40 which I do every time.  I have found a lot of staple wardrobe pieces here- like leggings, shirts, tights, simple dresses… They are great deals in my opinion, for great quality and uniqueness too- I have never met someone who knew about Next, which is not always important, but it does make it fun to dress my daughter in something no one else is wearing.

Hanna Andersson is pretty well-known and also great quality clothing.  I have always loved their pajamas, for my boys and now Maya.  Every once in a while I like the clothing, but mostly pjs are my jam here.  These are pricey, but they have great sales and their clothing lasts forever.

LaikynLeigh is a new small business I found recently.  Maya now has a gorgeous handmade knit cowl and an adorably sweet bonnet from this shop.  The owner is super friendly and the quality of her products is wonderful.

Baby Bling headbands are my absolute favorite.  These are not frilly- there is a little bow but they can be worn with it showing or hidden.  They are made of a nylon sort of material and are stretchy so they stay on really well.  I buy them at Nordstrom, but I’m sure they have their own website too.

And speaking of Nordstrom I will admit that I do shop for my kids there sometimes.  It can be very expensive, so I stick to sales unless it’s a special occasion.  I love that they carry a lot of brands that I like and it’s always free shipping/free returns for shopping online.  Also- Nordstrom Rack (if you have one nearby) is amazing and Hautelook– a Nordstrom flash-sale site is great too.

Back to headbands and hair stuff…Etsy is of course, my favorite go-to.  I’ve gotten headbands from SophiaCo and SadieSkyBoutique and for tiny new babies my favorite shops are The Brightside Studio and LittleBowPop.  My favorite hair clips come from my sister (etsy shop coming soon) and also EveryDotandTiddle and Masterpieces of Fun Art.

My most favorite place to buy Maya clothing is Zara and although I don’t buy a lot from there, every single piece I’ve ever ordered has been my favorite.  Seriously.  Adorable.  All of it.  They have sales a couple times a year too and I am sure I’ll be stocking up as she gets older.  I’ve never been to a Zara store, but someday I will…and will probably faint from the beautifulness.

April Cornell is a random throw in here, and though I’ve only stumbled upon this line last year in a cute store along the shore (which is mostly known for linens), I fell in LOVE with the dresses.  Maya’s first birthday dress was from there- and I love so many of their beautiful fabrics.

Gap is an old standby that I still find adorable things at…my boys pretty much lived in Gap clothing in the early years, so I sometimes feel the need to go beyond but I usually end up back on their website scouring sales.  I like basics there mostly- pants, shirts, plain dresses.

Carters and Oshkosh are really good for fleece zip up pajamas and sometimes I find a cute something else…but I find that their clothing tends to be too matchy-matchy for me (I am weird!) and too many words always.

Janie and Jack swimsuits are my downfall.  When Maya was born we got a huge box of clothing from this ridiculously overpriced store and I couldn’t wait to exchange a few of the items…and I discovered baby girl swimsuits there. O.MY.GOSH.  I die.

Cotton Bottom Designs is a new small shop I found recently and while it’s pricey, it has the most beautiful handmade jumpers and head wraps.  I finally bought one (the sell out super quick) and I am in love.

H & M is more of a favorite for boys…but I think as Maya grows up I will like it more in the girl department.  Their cardigan selection is epic though, can’t believe I just described a cardi section as epic but oh well.

Ok. I could keep going I am sure, but this has been in my “to finish” pile for way too long…so I am drawing this to a close.  Happy shopping!!!


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  1. hi welcome to shoppaholics anonymous, my name is Krista… Hello Krista!

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