state of the union: krista farrell style

It’s time.  I gotta spew out all that is happening in the life of these farrell five… starting with:

I got two wisdom teeth pulled this week.  ARG.  It was that or a root canal in one of them, and I’d rather be knocked out so I went with the yanking.  Surprisingly it hasn’t been as painful of a recovery as I thought- but I’d rather be laying on a beach in the Caribbean.

Maya got out of her crib this morning.  Yes- I believe it’s insane that an 18 month old child can crawl out of their crib… my boys couldn’t even do it at three years old?!  She’s crazy.

I finally caved and ordered Birkenstocks.  I’ve wanted them for awhile…they remind me of my middle school days but I also believe I can rock em, old school style.  And I love them.

I successfully completed two full weeks of strict Whole30 before the wisdom teeth debacle… but I plan to jump back on the wagon next week.  It was going so well.

Our basement is finally seeing the light at the end of its tunnel.  And PHEW, my paint color choices actually turned out like I hoped they would.  I LOVE THEM.  Hopefully electric, hvac and plumbing will all be finished this week and then final inspections and carpet after that.  Can hardly believe it could be done so soon.

I have found a new favorite.  TheBouqs is a company that delivers fresh flowers simply and without all the extra costs.  It’s amazing.  I feel like I’m repeating myself here- so maybe I have written about this before.  But it’s awesome!  Try it out.

I cannot wait for Josiah’s school to be done.  I can tell I’m really gonna love summertimes.  He took this whole last week off, and it was glorious- minus the teeth yanking part.

We are gearing up for a big trip to IKEA- finally gonna purchase beds for our boys and many many other things for our basement.  I just wish there was someone who we could bring home with us to put everything together…then it would be perfect.

Ok, I gotta go paint a flamingo.


One response to “state of the union: krista farrell style

  1. Yeah!!! My favorite posts! Okay not really, I love them all. But seriously, I didn’t realize the boys didn’t learn this early how to escape. She really is a mastermind! Lol now get on that flamingo!! 😉

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