wake up and…

Sometimes it amazes me how often I think thoughts or even worse, vocalize thoughts of ungratefulness.  I mean, come on.  God has given me such abundant life.  Why do I continually decide that it’s not enough?

I am in goal making season, which for some might sound weird but I think it’s the engrained school year in me…I like to evaluate life as I step into each Fall.  Of course, I have high hopes- with possibly a little more time on my hands I plan to get back into cooking more and cleaning more and working out regularly.  I want to spend time alone with Jesus more consistently and create art more often.

But today I realized what I must really set my mind to.  Thankfulness.  I can’t stop naming all the reasons I can be grateful…and that should never end.  My number one goal in this new season is to wake up each morning and name ten things I am thankful for…every single day.  Each time I think like this, I’m left with a big fat WHOA- who. am. I. to. be. blessed. like. this?!?!  And I just don’t want to lose sight of that reality- the wow factor of God’s goodness in my life.

In about two weeks the whole waking up part is gonna get a bit harder.  Josiah is starting kindergarten and 7am will be a permanent alarm clock set on my phone.  But I hope that this focus towards gratefulness will snap me into a smile, along with a nice cup of coffee I imagine.  To begin each day in awe of my Creator and favorite Friend…I don’t see how it could hurt.

What are you thankful for?


One response to “wake up and…

  1. You! I am thankful for you. And my newfound App, Voxer, of course 🙂
    I am really glad that the Lord predestines events and people in our lives, like CBCC in 2000! I was really trying to figure out so many questions in my young adulthood. You were (and still are) a stable force of laughter, peacefulness, and friendship. I am also thankful for your family!!! Your Dad and Mom opened their home to me and shared their love. Thank you Kosmic.

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