regan ocean turns 4

Quirky.  This word has always been my favorite word to describe my adorable little geegs.  Regan has so many quirks I could never begin to tell you them all…but for remembering sake, I will list a few.  He loves to rip any paper up into a million pieces and always chooses one to play with- deeming it a shark or a whale.  He becomes animals- just straight up declares he’s a dog (used to be bear every time but he’s branched out) and then proceeds to act just like said animal.  He always pulls up his sweats to make them shorts and wears his daddy’s shoes constantly claiming he’s Goofy, not to mention his one sock obsession that is often accompanied by rain boots.

Sweet.  My Regan is so incredibly sweet.  He always gives kisses and will always “snugger” (snuggle).  He looks after his little sister with a strong and brave heart- protecting her, sometimes a little more than necessary, but out of love.  He loves to make her laugh and loves to get her to repeat him.  Reegs will give you a wink and a thumbs up at any moment of any day and he is starting to pray a lot…with such a sweet tender heart, always wanting to care for another.  He is my only kid who consistently tells me he loves me without a prompt.  I love how he greets his favorites with a big loud ‘miss you’ when they arrive.

Shy.  For the ones who know Regan the best, he is rarely shy.  Though he definitely gives that cute little look of sort-of embarrassment/shy/sly grin when you give him too much attention/kisses/hugs/whatever.  But to the outside world, he still beats to his own drum and takes his time getting comfortable.  I love to watch him choose who he interacts with.  When his older brother Josiah is around, he automatically feels safer and ventures around more freely, but on his own he is quite cautious and quiet (two words that don’t describe him at all in his natural habitat).

Loud.  When Regan was younger his nickname was Loud Mouth Bass.  Seriously his pipes are out of this world high-pitched and loud.  But the best part about this is that he loves to sing and will sing just about anything.   We always giggle in the car when he starts to belt it out…and when we want to yell hi to someone from the car he is our go-to…seriously it’s like there is a loud speaker attached to this chest or something.  In the morning, his voice is often the first thing we hear throughout the entire house.

Loyal.  My middle child is fiercely loyal.  He always wants his brother- who he calls Juice- around.  He is the first to hear when his sister wakes up lets us know.  Every single morning when we each come down the stairs he announces that we are here- just in case someone doesn’t notice. He knows how to make us feel special, just by being him.  When Josiah came home from school last year, Regan would ask him every time- “How’s school man?”.  It was adorable.

Strong.  Perhaps stubborn might be a different word to describe my little man, but I figure it portrays itself in strength and I like strong better.  Regan wields a lot of power.  It’s a tricky road to walk- not wanting to crush but also wanting to guide and mold.  Even in the simplest of things- like food- it’s a battle for him to take one bite but after that one tiny taste he will usually scarf the rest of the plate… steak, salad, burritos, whatever.  He defies bedtime like a colicky baby but once he lays his head to the pillow he is almost always out like a light.  He will only swim in the pool when he decides and often needs a strong arm of guidance in places like airports and stores, ha!

My little geegs… I was gonna add that he’s a directional genius but it didn’t fit within my other chosen traits.  The kid remembers roads and landmarks like you wouldn’t believe.  I can’t drive near a Starbucks without him asking for a cake pop (and we could be a mile away from it) and he knows where all our ice cream joints are.  That’s gonna be so helpful for our family in the future.  Both bart and I kinda struggle in that field of smartness.  But anyway, I just love this little boy so much.  He cracks us up more than anyone else…and as I was pulling photos for this post, I seriously couldn’t stop laughing.  He’s so weird.  It’s the best!

Happy Birthday my favorite Regan Ocean… you are four today.  It marks four years full of joy and jaw-dropping amazement that we get to be your family.

Love, mommy (yelled super loud of course)


the squishy eyes and kissy face. always


ode to his obsession with bears and being one. in my hometown of port angeles, WA


when he was happy the apple orchard…


and when he was sad…


our favorite face when we scare him (jokingly). the kid is so expressive


that would be ranch dressing…all.over.the.couch.and.him. Happy thanksgiving!


group pictures always end like this for him… i am picturing his first birthday group shot exactly like this- one day I should do a post with all his sad photo shoot faces.


seriously he cracks me up in group shots.


such a good big brother to his sister. ps. he’s naked and potty training in this pic…hehe


hey kids- act natural like you’re having fun building a sand castle. hm. regan?


whimsical regan on the oregon coast.


oh how he loves his brother


can’t get enough of his faces.


probably the best one- although you can’t really tell- he always throws a thumbs up with a wink on the side. anytime, all the time.

2 responses to “regan ocean turns 4

  1. Oh man, you had me laughing and tearing up! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Regan!! I love you so much duder. I love that you dance to your own beat, I love your smile and your snuggles, and I love singing with you!! Miss you!! Hugs and kisses!!

  2. I can’t wait to meet your one-of-a-kind middle dude someday.

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