happy birthday ejer

Some people walk into your lives and end up being forever friends.  I love that I never know when it’s gonna happen or how it will play out…but I have been blessed with a few friends like this.  Ones with whom I’ve logged many many many hours face to face and now even tho a thousand miles stand between us, we still manage to keep up with each other.

There is this one girl in particular who lives in the midwest (still!) and asks the best questions…always remembers details and dates…and tells me she’s proud of me often.  I like her a lot.  I like the way she’s not perfect and not afraid to show all of her.  I like the way she’s unoffendable and always thinks about others first.  I love the way she raises her sweet kiddos and cares for her awesome husband.

Lately she’s made me cry more than any other human…bc she’s going through a little rough patch and I like to think we’re connected in deep ways.  When she cries, I cry.  This girl is a tough one, people.  Seriously one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.  But she’s tender- it’s the best combination.  I marvel at the way she says yes to Jesus every single day, no matter how hard life gets.  She shows me who God is, just by being herself.

There aren’t a lot of people on this planet that know me really well.  I suppose that’s my fault, or perhaps its how I like it.  But this birthday girl- she knows me. And I’m so, so, so glad.  Happy Birthday Eliza Joy.

Let’s meet in Traverse City, k?


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