she is TWO.

DSC_0226My sweet baby girl is two.  I will skip the omygosh-where-did-time-go exclamations even though I can’t believe it.  But she is seriously such a two year old.  I think she is more of a classic two year old than I’ve ever had.  That doesn’t really make sense unless you know her brothers, but I digress.  She cuddles, she runs, she flops herself down.  She rarely stops for more than a minute unless it’s borderline bedtime and then she can be found staring blankly into space.  She is tender, she is sweet, she is tough and she is wiggly.  She already makes the funniest faces and knows how to make me giggle!


Our little Maya is fiercely independent and gives the stanky eye to almost anyone.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stranger get a smile from the little princess.  She laughs hard though, in the presence of her family and friends.  Her giggle…I can’t even describe the cuteness.  But her voice- ohhhhhhhhh it’s a whole other level of adorableness.  Little girl voices are so sweet and hers is so different than her brothers.

DSC_0082She is a daddy’s girl through and through.  She will choose him over anyone, every day of the week.  She loves us all, for sure, but holds a special spot just for her daddy.  I love watching them snuggle and play.  Maya follows her brothers around endlessly too, though she is pretty good at manipulating Regan into following her now instead.  It’s pretty hilarious to watch.  She is learning her powers… though she rarely gets away with anything because of her two watchmen (aka: brothers) who see everything and report back to us.  I’m glad.  Especially since she’s more curious than anyone I know.DSC_0081

I love the way she dives into her bedding when I go in to get her up in the morning, full of laughter unless she’s extra tired…and then the snuggles are endless.  I love the way she giggles when I zip up her pjs and how she falls into an immediate trance any time anyone pets her head.  Her little tippy-toe walk has been signature since she began to take steps and I love that she can’t wait to get shoes on; literally handing me each foot.  I love that if she’s hungry she will find something and bring it to me to open…so resourceful ha!

DSC_0012 DSC_0114


Last but not least, I couldn’t write a birthday post without mentioning her little temper.  I mean, come on- this face.  It’s precious and sad all at the same time.  Her sadness rarely lasts for long but she can be so dramatic.  It’s hard not to chuckle because it’s weird to see such a young girl be such a drama queen.  Just goes to show- it’s in them from the start.  I’m glad Maya is so chill overall and I’m also glad she has a little flare- it makes life interesting.

To be honest, I have not figured this precious little girl out.  But that’s what I love about her.  She is quirky and random, rarely predictable… just the kind of daughter I’ve always wanted.  She’s dainty yet strong, wild yet reserved.  I still love dressing her every day- that never gets old.  And I so love that I get to call this special doll my daughter.  What an incredible  gift you are to our family Mymy.

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweetie.  You are the best daughter I could have ever asked for.  You truly are great joy, just as your name says and I can’t imagine my life without you.

I love you, Mommy


2 responses to “she is TWO.

  1. She is a mommy’s girl too 😉 and how could she not be. Happy bday Maya Sweetie!

  2. Love you maya papaya!!! Mmmm can’t wait to see you soon!!! Hugs and kisses from Auntie Erica 😘😘

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