I have no idea why, but 36 sounds older than any of the past few birthdays I’ve encountered.  Obviously I know it is older but it’s like, now I’m closer to 40 than 30.  Bizarre.  The only gauge I had for 36 growing up was that it was the age my mom had her last child…my favorite little sister.  And for some reason, I can also  picture my parents throwing “over the hill” parties with all the black and gold decorations and it seemed SO OLD then.

Well, I’m close and I like it.  It’s not so bad or old.  And since last year I did a list of things I’ve learned…this year I’m going with a list of things I love.

  1.  I love the glow of Christmas lights- no light beats it, except maybe a full moon over the ocean, except I can’t have that in my own home.
  2. I love the Starbucks drive-thru.  I know the hatred runs deep for this establishment for so many reasons, but I just can’t say no to an extra hot 2 pump *flavored* americano with cream without even getting out of my car.
  3. I love the very first cuddle from my kiddos in the morning, especially the one who sleeps in a crib.  There’s something about freeing them from the cage that makes them lean in closer.
  4. I love when my kids make me belly laugh.
  5. I love when my husband dances, even just for a second.
  6. I love that moment when all the laundry is done and put away and I know I won’t have to touch it for another 2 weeks.
  7. I love online shopping… with a passion.
  8. I love seeing the mailman drive past our house on the far side of our street- it means only an hour until he stops at our house.
  9. I love the feeling of knowing Jesus is proud of me.
  10. I love getting long voxer messages from friends that just make me want to teleport them to my living room for coffee.
  11. I love the anticipation of gifts…one of my top love languages.
  12. I love creating new ways to do the same old thing.
  13. I love going to bed at night knowing I get to sleep in…that might be the most glorious feeling these days.
  14. I love my birkenstocks- a new thing this year, bringing back my 1992 bad self.  Why did I wait so long?
  15. I love delicious candles.  I don’t care how much they cost- the smell is worth it.  My latest favorites come from Magnolia Market, but they are all sold out right now.
  16. I love my phone and emojis.  Yes, I know, I’m 36.
  17. I love arranging flowers into a million different vases.
  18. I love comfy pants and big hoodies.
  19. I love wandering through Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Anthropologie and any antique store in the world. Ha.
  20. I love flying first class and am thankful for the chance to do that this year.  Though it may never happen again, I loved it.
  21. I love when Bart does the dishes.
  22. I love when my kids give me unsolicited kisses and cuddles.
  23. I love the smell of apple cider simmering on an oven.
  24. I love fresh sharp scissors.
  25. I love old school mail that comes in my mailbox.
  26. I love flannel.
  27. I love date with my husband.
  28. I love that my family will fly to my house for Christmas.  Knowing my sister and parents will be sleeping in my house in less than two weeks makes me very very happy.
  29. I love Burt’s bees chapstick.
  30. I love when I remember a Bible verse reference.
  31. I love heavy cream in my morning cup of jo.
  32. I love See’s chocolates.
  33. I love dressing my daughter because she looks cute in everything.
  34. I love putting nails into walls.  It means that decorating is happening and that makes me happy.
  35. I love capturing the true joy that people feel in a photo.
  36. I love knowing that God loves me no matter what I do- unconditional love is mind-boggling and freeing, all at the same time.



2 responses to “36.

  1. I think 36 sounds crazy. I’m pretty sure you will forever be like 28 in my mind…lol
    I love YOU duder. Counting the days until I’m sleeping in your basement!!


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