our basement reno: the end

Yes- you did see the finished product in terms of construction in the last post, but now you get to see us all moved in and decorated.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy these BEFORE/AFTER photos.  I always love seeing things side by side so I tried to do the best I could.

This first photo is from the day we moved into our home…just wanted to show you where our basement entrance is (right past the stairwell).



We had the plain door replaced with a french door, which matches our playroom ones and gives the basement more of a homey feel.  So, without further ado…you open the door and…





This is the BEFORE/AFTER of when you turn the corner on the landing of the stairs to go down.  What was cement flooring and poles turned into carpeting and a wall.


main room2


Basically that black pole (and three others) were built into the new wall, essentially hiding them.  This room is the first one you see when you walk down into the basement- we use it as a family room.  Here is a look at the other side of this same room.




So, there was an alcove already in place, so instead of just have a weird shaped space in this main room, we added a built-in.  Next is the guest room…but first, a look at the family room from another angle…


guest room better


In order to give you a somewhat understandable vision for this BEFORE/AFTER the first photo is just showing the open space.  Second photo shows how it was enclosed (behind there is the guest room) and the third photo shows the finished family room from the other angle.

Then, if you open that door on the right, you’ll see this (the guest room):



Next is the full bath- which actually opens from the guest room on one side and the hallway on the other.  We wanted to give access to the bathroom on both sides so if multiple guests were staying with us it would be easy, plus it just made sense for our every day usage.  The first picture is from the guest room door.  Then, I moved to 2 BEFORE photos from the other end of the bathroom and added the AFTERS from that same angle.


better before.jpgbathroom



Ok.  So you’re probably lost in terms of where we are in the basement, but if it helps, the entire thing moves in a circle.  I already showed you what outside of one bathroom door, so I’ll take you out the other door.


But if you go to the end of this hallway and look back you would have seen this BEFORE…


And the AFTER, now it’s all covered up…


The right door is the bathroom and the left door is our storage and utilities.  Just for fun, here’s our storage area- which is L shaped and all the utilities are to the right.


Okay, now moving on.  Behind the hallway on one side is the stairwell but the other side is Bart’s office.  Here’s the BEFORE/AFTER.



Then right beside Bart’s office is my “office” heheh… but let’s return to the main room to go into that room.  This is not the same angle, but it’s the same area BEFORE/AFTER.



Under the stairs I asked for a little kid’s hideaway, instead of a closet, which turned out super cute and the kids love it.




Right across from this kid’s hideaway is my favorite room…my craft room/exercise room/extra guest room/someday-a-kids-bedroom.  This is also where we added a huge window (it has two mini ones also) and a closet, so this translates to a true bedroom according to laws and stuff.



Note the giant window addition…and those poles are now hidden in a wall.





Last but not least…my favorite feature of our basement is our built-in so I wanted to highlight it.  It’s back in the main room.  This was a dream of mine since I saw the odd shaped space in the beginning.  I wanted a special reading place for all of us, plus added guest bedding, and bookshelves for all my books and trinkets.  Someday there will be many more pillows…

before built in


I think that’s all for now.  Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll put a little information down below about our amazing professional crew of friends that made this basement a reality.  We are so so grateful for this new space, what a huge gift!


The Main Man/Contractor/Builder Extraordinaire:  Mike Taratuski Tarry Builders (NJ)   Our Favorite Crazy Electrician: Andrew Yerike  Integrity Electric   The Best Floor Guy Ever: Bill Taylor Taylor Flooring

Paint: all Benjamin Moore (most walls light gray: Bunny Gray) (two rooms yellow: Lancaster Whitewash) (stairwell and built-in dark blue: Newburyport Blue) (bathroom aqua: Palladian Blue)


2 responses to “our basement reno: the end

  1. I loooove the kids’ hide-away!! Half door is super cool. Well thought and well done! Built-in reading nook is inspirational.

  2. I looooove the kids’ hide-away!! Soooo cool! The half door is so fun. Well thought out and well done. Built-in reading nook is stellar. Inspirational!!

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