come to your senses

31WVidsvwKLGosh. I just took a sip of my second cup of coffee- and it’s a kcup flavor someone gifted me, one I wouldn’t normally buy but this morning I tried it.  It brought me straight back to living in Panama, in one moment.

Isn’t it crazy how tastes and smells can immediately transport us back in time?  It’s been 14 years but it feels like yesterday that I would get those Starbucks bottled coffees at the one grocery store that sold some American products.  I would buy a four pack if they were in stock, and drink one a week…specifically choosing the hardest morning to wake up as the one in which I would get my reward.  It made my whole day bright and full of smiles…so funny how something so simple made such a difference.

When I moved back to the States I never bought another Starbucks bottled coffee- something felt wrong about ruining that memory and when a product is so readily available it doesn’t seem as special.

Scents are so powerful too.  There was a deodorant that my entire 7th grade basketball team shared (I know gross!) and every once in a while I’ll come across the smell and giggle.  Those were fun times for sure.  My childhood home has its own scent and each time I visit, I just can’t get enough…it’s amazing that all these years later, it still emits the same lovely smell.

I ran out of conditioner the other morning and decided to use Maya’s since it was in my shower.  The entire day I smelled like her and it was trippy.  I hope I remember to keep a bottle for 20 years from now when she won’t let me sniff her hair but I want to recall the days of 2 year old My.

I think it’s a gift from God- our senses.  He creates so uniquely- I’m always amazed.


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