possible oddities

I thought it would be random and possibly entertaining to list a few things that I do that may or may not be odd or not normal…I love having these kinds of posts to look back on in ten years and chuckle at.

I brush my teeth in the shower, and I floss there too.

I put off reading the end of an amazing book so it doesn’t have to be done so quick, same with netflix series.

I don’t let my kids touch or play with my phone at all.

I only like water with ice or chilled in the fridge.

I deck my house out with decor like crazy for fall and Christmas, but nothing else…no valentines, no St Patricks, no Easter…nothing.

I don’t like sweetener in my coffee.

I read about 30 blogs on a weekly basis.

I would rather be freezing cold than burning hot.

I hate socks.  The only time I EVER wear them is when I’m working out.  As in, I just shoveled snow last weekend in my snow boots without socks.

I still feed our 2 year-old baby food from those pouches.

I don’t have an iPad.  We don’t have a family iPad.  Bart has a work issued one, but the rest of us minions don’t get to use it.

I drank diet coke for years but now I can’t stand the taste.

I fill online shopping carts all the time, but then over time I delete almost everything.

I wear a Target tank under pretty much everything, always.  And I sleep in them too.

I hate going out on Valentines day.

When I eat sour patch kids, I first soak them in ice water or 7up to dissolve the sour part.

I love watching those little quick cooking videos but they never translate into actually making those entrees.

I love using the weird emojis that don’t make any sense.





One response to “possible oddities

  1. Ha! I love these tidbits of Krista info. Except for the Diet Coke part, um, which I bought you last time I saw you! Ha! So now it is sour patch kids and 7up, not Diet Coke and Mentos. :)))

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