celebrate the progress

I think almost all my muscles in my whole body hurt right now.  That’s not true but it feels like it.  I can barely move my arms and fingers to type this, which begs the question why am I even attempting it right now but alas.  I love my trainer and her workouts but they leave me completely immobile sometimes.  With only two workouts a week with her and four on my own, I can definitely see the power and push that is brought when one is trained.  When I think I can’t do one.more.pushup. she gets me to do two more.  It’s bizarre!

So- here I am, showing up to CELEBRATE THE PROGRESS.   This saying has been so good for my heart in many areas, not just in this getting healthy journey.  Often we find comfort in beating ourselves up because we failed yet again, instead of looking back to what we just accomplished- I want to continually elevate the progress not the failure.  Last Friday was my 6 week mark in this little race of mine…and I got measured.  EEK.


16 pounds

16 inches

6 % body fat

180 beats/per/min down to 144 beats per min Yay heart!  This is the most important I believe.  I want to have a healthy heart.  I need to have a healthy heart.

Most likely from here on out I will be losing 1-2 pounds/week so the progress won’t be as shocking to my head, but I feel a different with each pound gone and am so much better already; I have such hope to lose 100 pounds.



3 responses to “celebrate the progress

  1. You got this with Him babe! We are so proud of you! We celebrate with you 🙂

  2. Excellent work! I love the bpm part…super,cool!!

  3. This is wonderful news, Krista! I’m so happy for you! Keep up the great workout and forward progress. Goals are set to be met… You go, Girl! And what an accomplished writer you are! Any book writing in your future?? You have a comfy, easy to read and visualize style.

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