my names

I’ll dedicate this random post to my little sister, who gave me this writing prompt.  Part of it consisted of my constant need to nickname others, but I might keep that whole thing for another post.  So, for this one, I’ll just focus on the names people call me or have called me in the past.  I’m warning you, this might be a tad boring.  I was almost bored writing it.  What is it with me and boring blog posts lately?  Sheesh.

First, my given name, Krista Joy means Christ’s Joy.  If I remember correctly, my mom got the final say on my first name and my dad on the middle name.  Is that right guys?  I love my name and have never remembered wanting something different and the only tricky part about it is the spelling.  “Christa” is the usual misspelling and I’m not a fan of the way that looks…but it sounds the same, so oh well.

Kris…probably the most normal nickname for Krista…I can’t stand it.  Rarely do people try and call me that, but I think when they do, I give them a vomit charade.  Just kidding but not really.  The only people that are allowed and do sometimes refer to me as Kris are my mom, my brother, and randomly one of my sister-in-laws who I adore and so for some reason, it makes it okay.

KJ is pretty well used…standing for Krista Joy of course.  This one has stood the test of time, and randomly people pick up on it.  I can remember being called KJ for at least the last 15 years.

Krist is an endearing nickname that only one person has ever called me.  Jacob, my childhood bestie, got annoyed that there wasn’t a one syllable nickname that he could use, seeing as Kris wasn’t allowed. He was Jakes and there was Nate and a few other one syllablers and he was kind enough to figure out how to not leave me out.  It is still alive and well.

Kswens was a nickname I think I gave myself and tried to make it stick heading into college.  There were a few people who humored me, bless their hearts.  I felt sporty with it. ha.  My maiden name was Swenson for those of you who are like, uhhh that’s random.  I do remember my first email address in high school and my chat name were both kswens back in the day.  I thought I was cool. ha!

College also brought along a few other nicknames that did not last.  Krusty was given to me by a guy who thought it was hilarious, since I was a clown every Thursday in the summer (part of my job).  I hated every time I heard it, but tried my best to grin and bear it.  My friend Heidi came up with Kristamus that I thought was hilarious and when I was bored, I’d try to convince people that’s what my name really was- and Krista for short.

After I graduated my favorite new name was Miss Swenson.  It instantly made me feel grown up to have elementary students, not to mention their parents, calling me something so formal.  I loved it.  Later on, when I became Mrs. Farrell, it was fun too because I was constantly correcting the Mrs. for several years until I actually was a Mrs.

Krister was given to me by an old buddy and it’s one of my favorites, though no one else has picked it up.  Growing up I remember a family friend always called me by my full name- Krista Joy and he still does when I see him at my parent’s church.  He has a big booming voice and always says it with such a big smile.

I know I’ve signed many an email with K-diggity but not one single person has ever called me that, so I’m guessing that doesn’t count, right?

Just like this blog post shouldn’t count.  Erica, got any better ideas?  I need some inspiration.


One response to “my names

  1. Oh my gosh- I’m dying!! LOL hilarious. thanks. I vaguely remember giving you blog ideas– glad you ran with this one. 😉 Hmm… got any more stories to tell? House update? Future dreams- what God is laying on your heart? Easter outfits? Current favorites? Recap of your bible study? Updated of life with mostly just My-ty?

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