*Another one from the archives I forgot to post.  This happened last fall

and it’s still very much etched in my memory.*


I got pulled over yesterday.  It was traumatic.  Mostly because it hasn’t happened in over ten years…I drive like a Grandma- for reals.  It was because I was talking on Voxer- a lovely app that I’ve grown attached to since I can’t stand talking on the phone.  I am a stickler about texting and driving- NEVER do it and since I NEVER talk on my phone- I don’t do that in the car either.  But alas.

This might sound weird but it felt good to get in trouble.  Being an adult without a boss sometimes gives too much leeway…and I keep forgetting who my ultimate Boss is.  I have lost some of my fear of the Lord and I don’t like it.  Yesterday reminded me that God cares about me so much- and there are things in my life I need to rearrange.  While I can’t get a ticket for being lazy…it was good to be reminded I have a loving Father who is watching me- and I will be accounting for my time when I leave this earth.

The fine for using a phone while driving is $250 and 2 points but thankfully the cop was nice enough to only give me a $54 ticket and a few ‘be carefuls’ bless his soul.  Josiah was relieved that I wasn’t going to jail and when my heart stopped beating out of my chest, I realized I was gonna be ok.


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