randomania #275

So I love the blog Cup of Jo, mostly for its plethora of diverse posts on all sorts of subjects.  It’s just interesting and I never know what I will be reading, so it doesn’t get stale.  However, my favorite posts are her links around the web ones and here is one hilarious link I actually laughed out loud at: If Toddlers Had Facebook.

Q-4fCwAAQBAJSince it’s spring, I begin my annual drooling over flower books…they are just so beautiful. One I purchased already is Katie Daisy’s (one of my favorite artists) How to Be a Wildflower and it’s sooooo beautiful.  I have many of her prints framed in my home, but this is her first book.  It’s amazing.  Another flower book that I have my eye on is The Flower Workshop that just came out and I have seen it because I ordered it for a friend…it’s simply gorgeous.

Speaking of books, I’ve been in a reading drought.  However, I finally started AND finished a book recently called When Breathe Becomes Air about a young neurosurgeon who battled terminal cancer.  I know, it sounds sad and horrible…but honestly, the book was really really interesting and I only teared up a couple times until the epilogue- which is 1/4 of the book that his wife wrote when he couldn’t continue.  Then I bawled.  But still, such a good book.

On a lighter note, I’ve been obsessed with Justin’s honey peanut butter.  I used to eat his almond butter by the spoonful but I’m into peanut butter these days, and this is simply the best.  And I’m also still very much in love with my Christmas present- the Homedics Massage Chair.  It’s so so nice to have an intense massage when I need it.  If you are interested, look for a coupon code or sale because they are always offering something.

untitledAnd because I am on Christmas presents…my darling sister gifted me a subscription to a monthly mailing of art by AliMakesThings.  The first month was adorable because it was Christmas themed and the next couple were cute but this month’s package was amazing!  Each one is themed and the latest one was on rest.  So good.  Thanks sister, for extending it for me- I LOVE getting mail.

My sister is coming in less than 3 weeks- hooray!!!  I’m super excited to see her and go on our NYC adventure…we have lots of lists- the best ice-cream, the best donut shop…I can’t wait to finally see the brick and mortar of one of my favorite stores- Fishs Eddy… And hopefully see Jimmy Fallon!  Did you know it’s free?  Let me just say though, it was a process to even get on the waitlist for his show but we should find out next week if we’re in??!

donut_society_key_tagLast but not least…I always have things on my mind that I want to buy for other people.  This donut keychain screams several of my friend’s names and I love it.  And this toddler denim trench coat is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I think Maya really wants it.  The Zara store is very close to a few other places we are headed to in new york so eek- I can’t wait!



One response to “randomania #275

  1. DUDe– just died laughing at the Toddler’s Facebook. Seriously funny! (#pinterestihateyou bahaha) I’m getting SO excited about NYC!! Also- did you buy When Breathe Becomes Air on kindle or book? I’ve been debating reading it– I totally cried just at the remodel post…

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