to buy or not to buy

I have many shopping dilemmas in my life right now.  Very unimportant ones.  But ones nonetheless.  Warning: completely pointless blog post about nothing much.

First…do I take the time to make cupcakes for Josiah’s class even though I’ll be in the midst of planning his big bday party or do I order cupcakes from the the catering service that does their hot lunch at school…more expensive but I wouldn’t even have to see them… or buy store-bought gross ones?

Second…i really really really really want a comfy outdoor chair to drink my coffee in while all my lil kiddies frolic in the pool this summer. heheh… there are some decent looking, good priced swivel (which i love- the swivel part) chairs at Lowes but then there’s this atrociously ugly but delectably comfortable (i’m talking PLUSH) chair at a local overpriced outdoor furniture store in the next town over that is very much on sale…(*sister you know the one)  I kinda know what I want here, but it’s the husband that needs to get on board.  He says it looks like the type of furniture you’d find on the side of the road in the 80’s.  I totally agree but then I sat in it.  I went back TWICE to make sure it felt as awesome as I thought the first time. alas.

Third…i’m torn in the area of maya’s swimsuits this summer.  you see, every summer Janie and Jack sucks me in like a tornado and I can’t resist-I don’t really buy anything else except for suits.  She hasn’t needed more than a couple suits until this summer (i’m anticipating the pool/beach a lot more for her this year) and I am having a hard time finding anything cuter than J & J.  So, do I just get her some cheap ugly ones to fill in, or do I have her send a begging letter to her grandma or do I just go all out with janie and jack (on sale of course).  I should probably do a mix…

Fourth…I tried to order the boys adidas slides for their warm weather shoes- you know, the old school striped kind- but I’ve tried two different sizes and no luck.  Jos already chose flip-flops and I’m trying to decide whether I should just stick with the same ol’ for Regan too…so lame.

Now, since we’re talking about purchasing stuff- I’m gonna tell you what you should run to the grocery store and try… Love Crunch (red berries and dark chocolate) SERIOUSLY relish.  I get it at Target.  If you live near a Wegmans go get a bag full of flat coconut chocolate dipped cookies (mom, we got them again SO GOOD).  And the blueberries at Costco are SO good.  Also they have Finding Dory beach towels there right now…couldn’t resist getting one- which of course will be fought over but oh well.  Lastly- my new favorite diffusing combination is bergamot and grapefruit essential oils…smells heavenly. You can buy them from me for cheaper!

Okay. that’s all folks.  See, I told you.  totally pointless post.



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