let’s try a summer schedule

I posted this picture on instagram yesterday.


My caption was something about becoming like my mom except she never had stickers.  I’m a little more rewards-based I’d venture to say.  But I vividly remember seeing my mom with her paper and ruler and pencil every year in June…organizing who would do what chores on what days for the following three months.  It was an impressive, exhaustive schedule with perfectly straight lines and reflected much time and effort by my mother.  We had regular weekly chores during the school year but in the summer it was like she freaked out a bit about having us all home, all the days.  (or she never wanted to hear “I’m bored”.  Thankfully my kids don’t know that word yet.)

That’s how I’m feeling a little at the moment.  But for me, it’s not as much about the chores as it is just scheduling life.  I’m horrible at following any schedules unless I’m getting paid to so this is more like a suggested timeline for our summer, but hopefully it’ll keep me from losing my sanity.  My kids are really really good at independent play, but everyone has their limits.  I don’t want to reach those.

Enter: our summer schedule.  It’s not super detailed nor does it change daily.  It involves our pool and the beach for large chunks of time, which makes it much more manageable in my mind.  While I don’t feel the need for summer camps yet, I do think we’ll venture out to a morning vbs or two this year…just to change it up!  And praise Jesus, I have our beloved babysitter coming every Tuesday morning so I have one morning off- you’ll find me with an iced coffee and a book at the beach unless it rains.

While I do like school for my kids, I LOVE when they don’t have school.  I love not having to be anywhere at any certain time.  I love sleeping in.  I love not having to wake my kids up-especially the ones who don’t even attend school yet.  I genuinely do love spending time with them, without a time crunch.  I love not worrying about what time it is, if I have to pick one up, make a lunch, blah blah etc etc etc.

Ask me how this went at the end of the summer, will ya?


One response to “let’s try a summer schedule

  1. I’ll ask ya babe. Let me know if you need my help along the way 😉

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